Monthly Archives: December 2014

after almost a year, we finally visited bandung again.

bandung is home, as a grew up there. being there, those memories of my childhood appeared, especially the memories with my late dad.

we went to some awesome places that i have never been visited before: dusun bambu, miss bee providore and koloni 108. it was raining most of the time there. but we still have great times.

finally watch gone girl the movie.

so many excellent review about this movie because of its twist story. but i read the book, so i wasn’t too surprise. the book was awesome and the movie is not bad either. and of course like a movie from a book, it lost some details.

i didn’t imagine someone like ben affleck to play as nick dunn, but he was good.

the ovamaltine pie was a big success because jingga ate most of them.

this time i made a smaller version so they can be placed into jingga’s mealbox. this is pretty easy to make since i used store bought pie crush. all i need to add was egg to glue the pocket and to brush the top part. for the filling i just put ovamaltine.

we visited the newly opened ikea at alam sutra last week.

when we arrive there, it was almost lunch time, so we went straight to the restaurant first. it was weekday, so it wasn’t too crowded. then we walked around the shop but didn’t do a lot of shopping. i was just happy finally we have ikea here.

just finished reading semua untuk hindia.

the book won khatulistiwa award. and it’s a compilation of short stories (i prefer a novel than short stories). the most interesting element about this book is all the stories has the same time set: indonesia just after the independence.