Monthly Archives: November 2014

after success with baked chicken, i created a new version with different ingredient. this one is dory fish. and this time i replace the soya sauce with oyster sauce. just to give a different taste to the meal.


inspired from pinterest, i tried some new way of wrapping presents. of course i needed more effort to do this compare just wrapping them in some cute pattern wrapping paper.

something i learned after this, these kind of wrapping only good with sqare/rectangular presents. if the shape is random then it looks awkward.


inspired to make chicken meatballs after seeing this recipe. but instead of frying the meatballs, i baked them. and it’s so easy and tasty (except the time forming them into balls).

i ate them with shell pasta i have at home. and added cheese. ok, the cheese part is probably not that healthy but i couldn’t help it!

i’m re-reading burung-burung manyar by y.b mangunwijaya. i read book for the first time about 15 years ago, before i started writing things in my blog (my blog started in 2002, when i lived in bali).

since this is a good book, i enjoy reading it. and of course i have forget about the story especially the details. it’s more like reading a new good book.


another no fry food. this time is tuna stuffed eggs.

the eggs are boiled and take out the yolks (they contain evil cholesterol). mix tuna, mayonaise and chopped spring onion. then put the mixture into the egg.

super easy!

more from the no fry food. i’m such a lazy cook, so i only try some easy recipes.

this one is baked chicken. just marinate the chicken overnight with lemon, salt and pepper. in the morning bake it with onion, garlic, soya sauce then put a bunch of vegetable you prefer. voila. it looks colorfully good!

good news from my mint plant. it’s growing! i tried with a few cuttings but only one grows. but it grows quite fast!

i browsed about mint planting and it’s said, this is one of the easiest plant to grow. i wish to have a whole bunch of mint then i can harvest the freshly picked mint for my tea.

for the sake of healthier lifestyle, we tried to consume more baked than fried food. most indonesian food are more into fry or steam. and fried food are more delicious and easier to get.

this one is tomato and spinach frittata. just mix egg, veggie, onion and cheese then bake them.

after more than 2 years, we finally visited the botanic garden in bogor again. it was early in the morning on saturday. the fresh air and the green kept us happy all the time. jingga had her time there. running around on the grass and played soccer.

this is the kind of place we should visit again and again.

what happen if you bake carrot cake too often?
1. try to create some new shapes
2. your kid gets bored and refuse to eat it