Monthly Archives: October 2014

so many posts about books lately. this e-book thing really speed up my reading.

the one i’m reading now is mr. penumbra’s 24-hour bookstore by robin sloan. so different from the books i read lately and not enjoying too much reading this. it’s about computer coding and mystery. but i’m almost done. still curious about how the story turned at the end.

after failing a few times, finally one of the mint plant grows.

i planted this from the leftover mint and just stick it into the ground. most of them didn’t make it, but this one survives. mint has a strong flavor. it creates another version of tea. a better one.

i got the copy of gelombang through preorder and got number 1178 out of 2014. i finished reading it right away.

i personally like partikel better. and a bit surprise because i thought gelombang is the last sequel of the supernova series. but it’s not. there will be another one. i hope it will not take too long for the next book. i want all the character in the series meet.

i usually make apple pie out of store-bought pie crust. but apple are expensive lately and i wanted to create something different. then i made this pocked pie, filled with ovamaltine and cheese. and they’re delicious!

all of the food from the last idul adha was created by my mom in law. all i did just packed and brought them home.

and yes. they’re delicious!

i’m very clueless when it comes to planting.

with the help some inspirations from pinterest, i started plating vegetables. this one is caisim from my smoothies leftover. it’s growing. and surprisingly it has flowers. a yellow ones.

i think i read faster when it comes to e-book. maybe because i can read in the dark.

the book i’m reading now is colorless tsukuru tazaki and his years of pilgrimage by haruki murakami. i think it has been a while since i read his novels. and i miss his calm way of telling stories.

so far the book is good. let’s see…

oh, i also read his short story yesterday online a few months ago. this one is not one of the weird story. a nice one if you miss his writings.