Monthly Archives: August 2014

i saw this type of white lily at museum ullen sentalu in yogya years ago. it was beautiful.

then mom planted bunch of plants at home in jakarta. they’re mostly just green leaves. but months later some flowers popped up. one of them is this white lily. now this lily appears in our backyard now and then. and still beautiful.

always love macaroni and cheese. especially in cup size like this. and i can sneak some vegetables inside.

recipe from here.

on the last part of lebaran vacation, we spent one night at harris hotel in sentul. we had never been in this hotel before. we just looked for a hotel near bogor but not in bogor.

the hotel turned out to be awesome. the swimming pool was great. and jingga spent most of her life there in the swimming pool. we also can rent bike for free. and i biked again after years! they also have kids club. it was small but not bad. at night we had dinner at ah poong which was very closed.

before trying the one in pondok indah mall 3, i’ve been only in nanny’s pavillon in bandung and in pacific place only. they have this unique interior with room theme but their food was just so so.

2 weeks ago, when didn’t know what to eat, we just dropped by at the one in pondok indah mall 3. surprisingly, the food was delicious. we had baked rice and spaghetti and loved both of them. maybe we were just hungry or we selected the correct food.

i read the book of thief about 2 years ago when i still have my weekly trip to singapore. it was a good book and like other good books, it leaves a deep feeling after reading it.

last week, i had a chance watching the movie of it. and it was not bad at all. capturing most things in the book. i like the girl who played as liesel and the little boy as rudi. it wasn’t as i imagined when reading the book. but they looked what it should be in the movie.

i didn’t baked any lebaran cookie this year. we usually have no guest at all, so lebaran cookie is just for fun. but still, we received some cookies (thank you!) and also bought some.

actually, this is bad. since no one else at home like it, i’m the one who finish them all. my favorite is nastar. and kastengel. and sagu keju. and chocolate cookies. ok. i like them all!

my baking lately

chocolate cake with heavy decoration by jingga.

carrot cupcake.
jingga loves this cake, so i baked this for her breakfast and she can take them for her meal box to school.

in one month, at least i wrap one present for jingga’s friends or others. i love giving away present and wrapping them. but usually i only use the usual pattern wrapping paper. a traditional way to wrap.

from pinterest, i found more ideas. since i’m a bit lazy, i tried to choose the one with less effort. like this one. simple but cute.

last ramadhan, i made by first biji salak.

i don’t like banana, so i usually eat my kolak without it. i love biji salak but don’t know how it’s made and how can i shaped it into beautiful sphere. then i found rasamasa channel in youtube. it shows how it is step by step.

sweet potatoes is so abundance during ramadhan. usually it’s a bit hard to find the red/yellow one. and here, my first biji salak. i did it wrong. i added the sagu flour directly into the liquid sugar mixture instead of mix it with water first.

the smoothies project continues. i’m still having fun doing this. i didn’t take photos all the smoothies during ramadhan because it was too dark to take picture.

now i’m better recognizing some fruit’s characters. for example, banana has strong taste. it dominates the other fruits/veggies which is mixed with it. it helps to combine with terrible taste veggie (but healthy) such as kale.

this is kampung deret petogogan.

i used to pass this area on daily basis on my way from this office. sometimes the traffic jam made me stop and i could look around while driving. it was a slum. a terrible one. then the office was moved to other part of jakarta. and i almost never pass this area anymore.

but a few years later, i was surprised. the slum disappeared and turned into this orange-grey row of buildings. it was so beautiful and clean so i had to stop and took picture.

we had our first day of lebaran in bogor.

when we arrived the day before lebaran, because the traffic was really nice, we finally had chance to see the deers at bogor palace and feed them through the fences.

mom in law cooked all the lebaran meals. i baked carrot cake to give away. but jingga ate them all -_-.