Monthly Archives: July 2014

for the first time. i made a dessert table.
it was for my niece’s 8th birthday. i placed the table on our back terrace. since it was ramadhan, everything was set on the late afternoon.

i had more fun of this than the kids!

wall decoration: origami color paper
garland: disney junior magazine
cupcake: minilovebites
jelly: home made

getting older, i don’t buy clothes specially for lebaran. the crowded shopping malls turn me off and buying things for jingga is somehow more fun.

but when jingga is already asleep and i have time to browse online, i sometimes visit those online shops. i love online shops. i can save time with all the traffic jams and the parking trouble.

and now i found some clothes i want for lebaran. it’s something kaftan top or top with embroidery like these. all from zalora.

i’m sooo happy to find tegel kunci uses widely in public spaces. it’s such an eye candy wherever i go. and i can’t stop taking pictures of it.

somehow, it’s often applied on random pattern. but personally i like it in order better.



of course i wanted to watch the grand budapest hotel. budapest is one of the city i used to live.

but the movie has nothing to do with the city but it has the style. it’s quite interesting, with fictional setting and weird and magical things happening here and there. i didn’t regret watching this.


49 days of smoothies! yay!

we still continues consuming smoothies on ramadhan during sahur. but there’s not enough light to take good pictures of them :mrgreen: