Monthly Archives: June 2014

got these 2 books for my next reading list.

sabtu bersama bapakadhitya mulya
i always buy all of adhit’s books. i have started reading a few pages from sabtu bersama bapak. and my eyes got teary… but the next few pages made my laugh. i think i’ll finish the book soon.

jalan lain ke tulehu – zen rs
this is from our favorite writer, zen rs. and this is his first novel. i hope his novel will be as good as his usual writing.

since a few weeks ago, jingga joined a ballet class. so far, she loves the class and every single day, she talks about it and can’t wait for the next class.

the class is called baby class. mostly it was fun things to do. some kids refused to follow the teacher’s instruction and play instead.

i was going to join mommiesdaily competition but i posted the photo way too late. so let me just post the photo here for inside my bag:

1. ipad mini
2. iphone
3. mini fan
4. book, now reading: maya’s notebook by isabel allende
5. a pouch filled with contact lenses stuff, tissue, lipgloss
6. house key
7. wallet
8. 2 folded shopping bag
9. hair bands

we had a small garden at the back of our house. when my mom is around, she took care of it. she has green finger, but i don’t. we have harvested so many trees she planted. some trees were planted from a seed.

lately i found some trees are growing fruit: soursop, chilli and lemon.

jingga is going to have school performance soon. the theme is jakarta.

the parents got this invitation in ondel-ondel shape. it’s made of shuttle kock. and jingga helped making it in school. i love this school always put big effort on everything. with details.


when i was in school, i remember there was a teacher who always had garlic bread all the time. i guess she loved it so much.

garlic bread is something super easy to made. then i found out i can add cheese to give a kick of more taste. i didn’t use specific french/italian bread. i just used some bread i had at home. and replace parsley with celery. the taste didn’t disappointed me…

27 days of morning smoothies.

there will be more. i’m still enjoying the shopping, make combination and drink it. there are still some fruit and vegetable i haven’t try and will try them in smoothies.

did you grow up reading tintin? i did.

the drawing style and the characters are really memorable for me. these posters bring back of my childhood with tintin’s adventure. there are probably more of these to come.

we visited legoland in johor bahru, malaysia 2 weeks ago. our base was in singapore and spent 1 full day in legoland. it was raining in singapore when we arrived, luckily it was sunny for the next few days.

jingga was accompanied with her 2 cousins, so it was fun for her. she enjoyed the trip very much.