Monthly Archives: May 2014

i’ve been making smoothies for 18 days! i skipped only when i’m on traveling. so far it’s refreshing and i love this new routine.

another thing i enjoy about making smoothies is the preparation.

i usually make it early in the morning. at night before sleeping, i imagine combination of fruit and vegs for the next day. it creates new color. some ingredients have stronger color than the others. some have better taste. and after you mix them they create something new.

we’re following the healthy lifestyle by consuming smoothies daily. it’s easy to make and i just put all fruits and vegetables in there. even the ones i don’t like such as papaya and banana.

and i started enjoying the making of it. everyday i imagine what color my smoothie will be. i try to get fruit locally, from seller passing in front of our house. but for vegetable i try to get the organic one (except if it can be peeled).

here some smoothies i have made. see more in my instagram.

i have skipped inacraft for a few years. but this year, i decided to come again.

i knew the traffic and the parking would be suck. since i had plenty of time, i browsed transjakarta map and found out i only need to change bus once to get there. the bus stop is walking distance from my house. this would beĀ  kind of adventure since the last time i took transjakarta bus is more than 4 years ago.

from the bus stop there to the exhibition building was very closed. i took me less than 5 min to walk. and it was a good decision not to drive there since the parking was stuck.

i visited each booth in the exhibition until my legs were tired. but i was happy. i didn’t buy a lot of thing. but it was worth it to visit it again after years.

it has been a long time since i took any sunset photo. so here it is, taken a few days ago from the back terrace of our house.