Monthly Archives: April 2014

feeding some animal farm in kuntum farm field in bogor.

it’s big, clean and affordable. unlike lactasari farm, this one is a real farm on a land. you also can harvest some organic vegetable. we think of visiting this place again sometimes.

since i became a mother, i’ve almost never been in any book related event. i’m just drown between motherhood and work.

but a few weeks ago, jessica, an old friend of mine, invited me to her book launch! the new book is called galila. part of the story was set in the mollucas. it’s about a village girl turned into a famous singer and her love with someone with different background.

i managed to get the book a few days before the event but have not finish reading it.

i’m dedicating one wall in our house for doodling. jingga (and me) loves it!

here’s jingga and her cousins doodling on the wall.

after waiting for almost a month, my growbox is finally turned into mushroom. it was so amazing to see how it grew from some little sprouts into huge mushroom.

while one box grew rapidly, the other box show no sign of growing yet. let’s be more patient and wait!

my sister gave me these individual muffin cups from IKEA. they’re made of silicon and can be placed in the oven. and they come in several colors!

the first debut using these cups was making my favorite chocolate muffins. for variation i added colorful sprinkles on the top of them.