Monthly Archives: March 2014

sweet potato is one of my favorite food. and the purple one has the most beautiful color.

after the success of stuffed pizza muffin, i’m excited with bread making. one night, i found this recipe and bought purple sweet potato the next day. then i made it right away.

it turned out good. i’ll try with filling next time.

one of the most fun activity in jingga’s school: play in the rain.
the kids brought rain coat and flip flop from home. jingga is the one in yellow rain coat.

when i found out about stuffed pizza muffin, i thought it was a brilliant idea. but not until a few days ago, i made it. i used smoked beef instead of sausage and used la fonte bolognese sauce for the pizza sauce.

it turned out really delicious. i’m definitely going to make it again…

done with maya, i’m reading the cat’s table by michael ondaatje. this is one of the book i got from book depository months ago but didn’t have chance to read it up until now.

the story of the book is so interesting. about an 11 years-old boy traveling alone on the ship from sri lanka to london. he made friends on the way and the story is about his life of 21 days on board.

i’m taking a break from outlander. i’m not sure i’ll finish reading that book later.

now i’m reading maya from ayu utami. it’s the sequel after saman and larung. and i forgot the story of saman and larung. probably i read them about 10 years ago. i read saman a few times but larung only once. so far the book is enjoyable.


lately from my kitchen:

pink waffle
it’s my usual waffle but inspired from pinterest, i added food coloring and it became pink waffle!
pink waffle

cheese bliss
because the last time i made cheese bliss was a hit, i made it again.
cheese bliss