Monthly Archives: February 2014

craving for scones and made them right away. the final shape were not really good but tasted wonderful. jingga ate lots and lots of them.

little kids are so cute. especially when there are a bunch of them. this is why i always enjoy being in jingga’s school. just by looking at kids coming to school and their activities makes my heart warm.

this is jingga and her friend, marta, looking at turtles inside the pond.
marta and jingga

we had another celebration for jingga’s birthday. this time was at home. for family only.

i didn’t buy any cake but made some little plain vanilla cupcakes and let the children decorate them themselves.


it was a great wedding, atta. thank you  for inviting us there.

we love the decoration, the food and met friends. it was also so casual and white everywhere. jingga took one of the white balloon home.

i made this bunting for jingga’s birthday cake. it will be something like this. i will order the cake plain then decorate it by myself. since the cake is not ready yet, the bunting stays on the shelf by my desk.

i also made a crown from plastic cup. it’s pretty easy. too bad i couldn’t find any pompom small enough for the crown’s peaks. the tutorial is from here. it’s in portuguese but the images can tell you enough what to do.

for the party in school, the kids will get this origami pin wheel hat.

total i have made about 100 origami pin wheels for this birthday!

it was rainy day and we were hungry…

i remembered i still have some colorful buttons for cake decoration. i combined them with the chocolate muffin i usually make. i didn’t know how they would be turned after the baking. i was worry they would melt and mess the muffin.

but they didn’t! they turned out well.

ps: like always, jingga helped me stirring the batter and added the decoration.

since jingga goes to school 3 times a week now, this project is getting faster. it’s so fun selecting her clothes to school. even it’s a hard negotiation. she needs to approve everything and rejects my selection often.

inspired from here, i made the funfetti cake. i didn’t use the cake recipe from the website. i used my usual cake recipe and add the sprinkles. but maybe i added too much sprinkle and my cake turned out too sweet.


jingga’s 3rd birthday goody bag. made of paper food bag, pin wheel origami and wooden clothes pin.

some items inside the goody bag (there will be more).