Monthly Archives: January 2014

jingga was out of snack. instead of buying something, i decided to make cheese bliss. the last time i made this for her was a loooong time ago. it’s very simple and super easy. just need patient to make the little ball one by one. i only made half recipe, since the last time i made, it was too much.

the recipe is from here.

after adding a button and text behind, jingga’s birthday invitation is finally done!
still in my list: goody bag, cake and party hat.

mbak hani,
thank you so much for the origami papers. i love the pattern! it’s even better than the origami papers i bought.

i’m making jingga’s birthday invitation and gift tag using origami. and they are very useful. i’ll update with photos for the progress in this blog.

pinterest is taking over my life lately. when i have a peace time browing, i always visit pinterest.

one of the thing inspired me is this broken glass jello. i thought it would be fun to do. now, i’m not sure who will eat so many jello after jingga refused to eat it.

one of my favorite food is sayur asem. i can’t cook this often because i’m the only one who like it at home.
among all variation of sayur asem, i like this recipe the best. more spicy. more chilli.