Monthly Archives: November 2013

gone girl is an awesome book. the first few chapters was just normal, but then the plot turned to be unpredictable.

now reading: surat panjang tentang jarak kita yang jutaan tahun cahaya – dewi kharisma michellia
since i read the review about this book here, i wanted to read it but gramedia pondok indah didn’t have it. i got it online later.


not until a few days ago, i’ve never heard about pineberry. a white strawberry with red seeds, tasted like pineapple.
it’s originally from south america and almost extinct. but nowadays it’s sold in europe.

more of jingga’s style to school. it’s getting harder to do this because she wants to select her own clothes. and she likes skirts better than pants.

the hidden park event this year is in taman tebet. we had no idea about taman tebet since we have never been there before, but it turned out to be a nice park. i hope there are more park and event like this in jakarta.