Monthly Archives: October 2013

i’m reading skenario remang-remang by jessica huwae.

jessica is an old friend of mine. i met her through this blog years ago when i still lived in bali. i haven’t finish reading the book but this collection of short stories are so much better than her first book. most of the themes are unusual for short stories and gloomy. but i like this more than the predicted happy ending story.

i made these flowers out of felt fabrics for jingga’s costume. she has a fashion show at school with clothes created by parents.

at first, i wanted to make this jelly belly costume (photo from here), which i think is super cute. but jingga refused to wear it. maybe it’s just too hot and heavy to be covered with plastic and balls.

in love with this ikat pants.
lately pattern in pants is back into trend. but this ikat is so indonesian. my favorite ones are the tosca and the khaki.
which one is your favorite?

the images were taken about a week after the seeds were plated. out of 10 pots, only a few grow. maybe i should just wait a little longer.

now rain starts pouring often. i’m afraid it will hurt the tiny plants :( . i hope they’re strong enough.

i’ve been baking so often lately. this time is carrot cake with the same recipe i use from time to time. and like the last muffin, this one is also popped up nicely. i suspected is the new baking powder i used.

tried this panna cotta from pannacotta etc. the one i tried is the butterscotch. delicious! want to try other flavour.
and look at the package, so beautifully design.

i ate it right away. forgot to take any photo. the photo is taken from food spotting.

this chocolate muffin popped up nicely. happy!

recipe from here.
*i didn’t have yoghurt so i just used more milk*

the book i’m reading now: flowers for algernon by daniel keyes.

i got the book  from book depository (yay for free shipping). the book was published in 1960s, but i didn’t know about this book up until a few months ago. it’s a famous book, and turned into a movie.

it’s about a retarded man who went through a surgery and turned into a smart guy. a very touching book. i wonder how the end of the book…