Monthly Archives: September 2013

tried a new recipe: berry pudding cake.

got 2 boxes strawberry from a seller passing in front of our house. i was a bit pessimistic when i saw the batter. i thought it was too liquid. and this is supposed to be healthy since to butter or oil was added.

then i realize this is more like pudding than cake. it came out beautifully from the oven, but somehow i like the cake type better.

finally finish reading desaku by kembangmanggis. eventhough i don’t like the ending, it’s such an oh-so-good book, leaving warm feeling after reading it. the story is a simple everyday life, set in bogor and the surround village. there are also some set in maluku, papua and bali. and the bali part made me miss bali. so much. most of the conversation in the book is in sundanese (with translation).

now reading: jacatra secret by rizki ridyasmara.
since most bookshops ran out of stock of this book, i bought it online. i started reading a few chapters. and it’s so da vinci code. but set in jakarta. the history part is interesting.

i found someone selling blewah on the side of the road and bought it right away. jakarta has been so hot lately. es blewah is the perfect drink. just like the fasting month.

i received these seeds a few days ago. now i’m ready to plant again.

i don’t know if this is a good idea to start planting during the dry season like now. but i don’t want to wait and those seeds have expiration date. so wish me luck with this.

i’ll update in this blog for the planting project.

when jingga was born, one of the present we got was a skiphop zoo lunch bag (we’re still using it until now). since then i’m in love with this product.

a few years after, there are more and more of their product. good. i start getting straw bottle, tabble ware and mitt set. now, i’m trying to get some excuses to get more.


we just had a short vacation to lembang and bandung. we stayed at sangria resort. the hotel is by the cliff with view to a river below. just like hotels in ubud.

the guestroom is a bit old but i love the public area. especially the restaurant, the pool and the fish big pond. since we living in a pollution city of jakarta, the cold fresh atmosphere here was such a luxury.

a little kitchen project.

since the space is limited, i selected white as the main color. all the cabinet doors are white and timber color for the table top. the back splash is white glass. you can write on it!

this is a low budget kitchen. none of the material is natural material. i’m happy with the result :)

jingga is crazy about waffles lately. everytime i brought her waffle in her lunch box (probably ‘brunch’ is a more correct term, since it’s eaten at 9 am). she finishes them all!

i think it’s me who need to be more creative. i was usually too lazy and brought her cheese sandwich all the time…

i’m introducing hayao miyazaki to jingga, starting with my neighbor totoro.

i haven’t show her the full movie. just a view clips from youtube. but so far she was interested. i’ll show her more and more. and one day, we’ll have studio ghibli’s movies night.

and this is one of my favorite scene.

now reading: desaku – kembangmanggis.

i heard about this book in 2011, but it was said the book is not for sale in bookshops. you only can buy it at rumah apel in bogor. on one of my visit to bogor last week, i got the book (and apple pie and apple crumble :mrgreen: ).

i’ve read several chapters of the book. and this is an awesome book. a really recommended one. i’m glad the book is so thick so i will not finish it soon :)