Monthly Archives: August 2013

we loves books. we were excited when we found a new kids library. it’s the open book located on the 2nd floor of dharmawangsa square.

after we took our shoes, we went inside. the place was awesome! books with cute low shelves. some bean bags were there so you can read books comfortably. we wanted to stay longer but it was lunch time already.

one thing made me sad. this kind of places are always empty! almost no one visit them. i wish more people go there so they won’t closed down.

a long time ago, a friend told me about first love cake. it’s hokkaido thousand layer cake that tastes heavenly delicious. of course i was curious and interested, but i was too lazy to go to plaza indonesia for the cake.

but last weekend, i found the patisserie in kota kasablanka! apparently they have many branches in jakarta now. i bought one original slice and took it home. and yes, it tasted heavenly delicious. i’m going to get more and tried other flavour: the oreo and green tea one.

it was during the independence day celebration and the games were done outdoor. the children took their water container outside with them.

looking for jacatra secret by rizki radyasmara. out of stock in most gramedia.

spending lebaran vacation mostly at home. happy to be with jingga all the time and no singapore trip.

visited this blog and tempted to get some cotton stretch pants :mrgreen:

our soursop tree gives more and more fruits

i just found a joy of cooking using happy call


i visited the bund on a sunny spring day. it was walking distance from where i stayed. i love walking since i rarely can do this in jakarta.

the bund is a very touristy place. tourists were taking pictures and blocked the view. some people asked me to take their pictures. but the viewing deck is very looooong. i tried to walk from end to end. but it was too sunny and i gave up.

In the future everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes.
Andy Warhol

this is a very late post. when i was in shanghai, on the weekend, me and some friends visited andy warhol’s exhibition. one of my friend is a big fan of him. i was just ok, i admire andy warhol but not too crazy.

the exhibition was quite interesting. starting with the early life of warhol and until he became extremly famous. they also had the famous campbell’s soup can on display. taking pictures inside the exhibition were not allowed. there were some of his movies too. i tried to watch it for a few minutes but didn’t get it.

and the place they have the exhibition is called power station of art. what a name!

it had been soooo long since the last time i visited any art exhibition. during high school, i used to join art club and visited exhibition frequently.


found another oh-so-cute hotel. this time is in bandung with very reasonable price! it’s cottonwood bed and breakfast. the color, the furniture and the decoration is really my style. i recognize some of the decoration are from bali. because i have the same ones :mrgreen:

the only thing i’m not too interested is the location. it’s not the part of bandung i want to stay. but let’s see maybe i’ll give this place a try :)