Monthly Archives: July 2013

hello cappuccino muffin. long time no see…
ready for our break fasting.

i felt a bit guilty never have jingga bring a proper food to school so i made this cheese muffin.

just got a postcard from sita in berkeley, california. i didn’t expect the postcard to arrive this fast.

thanks for the postcard. i looove getting postcard with real stamps and all. it’s like the old times when my blog readers sending me postcards from all over the world.

anyone else wants to send me postcards? :)

on my last trip to singapore, i found a new garden inside terminal 2 changi airport. the location is on the previous space of fern garden. i saw the fern garden had been boxed up for months. and finally after it was opened again, it turned into enchanted garden!

this enchanted garden is filled with some sculpture made of mosaics, flowers and timber deck. it also has viewing deck to the pond with fishes (i think they’re koi fishes). my favorite garden in changi airport is still sunflower garden and butterfly garden.

last week, we took jingga to see a movie for the first time. the movie was monsters university.

at first we were worry jingga would be afraid of the dark and got bored. but she stayed for the whole movie! she was quite amazed with the big screen and the sound. she refused to eat but drink once a while. she moved seat a few times but generally she was ok.

so when is our next movie date?

i’m reading a red herring without mustard. i accidentally found an english book shop in shanghai and bought this book. the book was untouched for weeks because i was excited reading inferno first.

i just read a few pages of the book. it doesn’t pull me back to keep reading. but let’s see. some books turned to be good after a while.

i read about magno radio a few years ago, but not until today, i realize it can be used for ipod.

when jingga was a baby and loved to grab anything, she broke our ipod dock. since then, we don’t have any ipod dock :( this radio probably don’t really exactly serve like ipod dock, but it sure can play!

my favorite one is KuBo.

i was browsing around when i found about this roemah pulomanuk. usually i think traditional houses are a bit spooky. but not this one. i love the style and the colors! it’s just my kind of taste.

i’ve never been to bayah. 5 hours to jakarta a bit too far for a toddler. but let’s see i hope i can really visit this place one day.

the last time i bakes was about 2 months ago. jingga refused to eat any cake and i traveled too much lately. but today, i decided to bake again. i have a kabocha untouched for weeks and i found a new recipe of kabocha cake. i don’t have raisin at home so i eliminated it.