Monthly Archives: June 2013

since a few days ago, singapore is covered with haze. i arrived a few days ago and i thought it was just cloudy day. then people talked about it. the haze is from forest fire in north sumatra. they also asked me if we got haze too in jakarta.

when i left jakarta there was no haze. i don’t even remember i ever experience any haze in jakarta. north sumatra is closer to singapore and malaysia than to jakarta, this is why they get the haze.

i just hope the fire will stop soon.

The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis.

– Dante Alighieri

i’m reading inferno by dan brown now.

it’s just not easy anymore to find time to read a book, let alone updating this blog. but the book is very interesting. i like the theme about population.

and this hard cover book is not light to carry around. since i have not many times at home to read, i read this during my travels. when people use tabs for reading books, i’m still carrying around this old looking hard cover book.

i found fuxing park on my last day in shanghai. ironically, the place is very close to the office. it was spring time so the flowers were bloom. there’s rose garden part but my friend told me the flowers were not roses, even they looked roses to me.

after the office, i made a round walk in the garden for the last time. it was almost dark but still nice.