Monthly Archives: May 2013

i walk everyday to the office now. about 3.5 km and take me about 45 minute. it’s a long walk, but the weather is cool (with rain and wind sometimes) and shanghai has big pavement for walking. it’s just great to be able to walk here. in jakarta, i almost never walk.

i passĀ  a lot of parks. they’re big and clean. and the surroundings are old and new building side by side together.

i work overtime everyday so returning from the office, i usually just take taxi. this city is very safe. safer than in singapore. i just can walk alone in the middle of the night to get taxi. and unlike jakarta and singapore, available taxi is not hard to find. most taxi drivers don’t speak english so i always have my destination address written in chinese.

on my 3rd day in shanghai , i decided to walk from the apartment to the office. the office staff said this will take 40 minutes, but my boss said 20 minutes. and according to the taxi receipt it’s 3.5 km.

i tried to check google map, but the map is written in chinese. i can’t follow the taxi route because some of the roads are one way road. it was raining lightly, the temperature was colder than the previous day, but i decided to just walk. if i lost, i just can take taxi.

and yes, i was lost. i got into a family mart (kind of 7/11) and asked for direction by showing the office address in chinese. the lady in there only spoke chinese and tried to show me the direction. i followed her direction, and finally i reached the office.

blogspot in banned in china. how can i visit other blogs?

mie in chinese is mie *ha!*

H&M is walking distance. i thought in asia, H&M is only in hongkong and singapore.

the area here is part of french concession. no wonder the area is somehow like in europe.

shanghai and jakarta has the same phone code: 021

found many art deco buildings here. so interesting.

i thought the internet connection in jakarta is bad. but here is worse!

the chinese for receipt is ‘fa piao’. i need to collect them to claim. you can scratch part of the receipt and can win something!

i’m in shanghai now. the first time to be here. away from jingga for longer than i’ve ever been.

it’s only my 2nd day but so far the city is ok. not many people speaking english. and like other places there are many good people. so far my life has been only between office and apartment so not many things i can tell.

after a series of baking failure, i finally made something eatable. this green tea cake is not bad at all. mixed everything and baked them without too much expectation.

let’s try on jingga…