Monthly Archives: March 2013

we took jingga to her first gig, float at arte arts festival in jhcc.

it started at 5.30 pm and we sat near the exit, in case jingga didn’t feel comfortable with the atmosphere. but she was fine during the whole concert. it wasn’t crowded and people sat on the floor. jingga even clapped with us at the end of every song.

there was pure saturday after float. but it was too late for jingga. we went home without attending the pure saturday one.

To the future we surrender
Life’s to live and love’s to love

dear blog,
i’m sorry for neglecting you for a while. here’s some random updates:

after 2 years of hiatus, i finally have time watching serials again. starting with project runway all stars 2. but haven’t finish the whole season now.

after 2 years, jingga’s excellent nanny left because she’s getting married. it was really sad.

i’ve been busy lately, going to the office almost daily. i know i shouldn’t complain because for the whole month, i didn’t have to travel to singapore.

jingga attended a pre school. she cried at the beginning, but now she’s ok.

i haven’t bake anything new lately. i want to make this tiramisu but haven’t got a chance to buy the ingredient.

every weekend, we tried to find a new place other than shopping malls to visit. last weekend, we ended up in rimba baca. it’s a house, turned into a library for kids. and the place is so comfortable, with wood floor and book shelves on the walls. they also have some toys. jingga was happy. and we were happy too.

i was so productive last sunday. i cooked 2 kind of food: strawberry muffin and sausage cheddar balls. i think i put too much butter on the muffin, the result was not so attractive. but the sausage cheddar balls were ok, just a bit too salty. i only tried half recipe.

the strawberry muffin recipe is from here.
the sausage cheddar balls recipe is from here.

found an nice place on jalan benda, kemang called kedai. the place uses cute chairs with different velvet pattern upholstery. the tegel kunci floor always catch my attention and the vintage decoration made me smile.

too bad it took too long for our order to come. we’ll not going back here.

people say women can’t read map. but i love maps. i can spend hours just looking at maps.

last week, on one of my trip to singapore, i had lunch at marche in raffles city mall. i found maps on the wall. it’s normal to put maps on the wall, but this one is different. Each map are framed and put next to each other like they’re connecting. but if you look at them carefully, they’re maps of different cities! one is part of venice, the other is zurich, somewhere on the top in london, etc.