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Namaku Jingga.
Umurku dua.

Aku memang belum banyak bicara.
Tapi jika aku sudah bisa merangkai banyak kata,
pasti aku akan banyak bercerita tentang rasa bahagia
yang selalu aku pancarkan lewat mata
serta senyum lebar di muka.

Dan seiring aku bertambah usia,
semoga kebahagiaan itu selalu ada.
Dulu, kini, nanti, selamanya.

Namaku Jingga.
Umurku dua.

in the mood of cheese muffin. recipe from here.

the recipe said it’s for a dozen, but i only got 6. but this is easy and good. we love them. we’ll make more later.

the cupcakes for jingga’s birthday is chiro. she’s crazy about chiro lately.

the food were prepared by my mom in law. tumpeng made of red rice and white rice.

the rambutans were from our back garden, freshly picked from the tree. it tasted different from the bought one. more fresh taste on your tongue.

the ‘goody bag’ i made for jingga’s birthday. crayon wrapped with tracing paper. we gave this away to family and friends.

when i was pregnant with jingga, i always brought lunch from home to the office. i woke up at 5 am to cook something easy. sometimes everything was already prepared from the night before.

after jingga was born and i don’t have to go to the office everyday anymore, i forget about the lunch box routine. but then the husband got sick and i decided to feed him with healthier food. once a while, when not too busy, brought him lunch box. and this one is perkedel tuna. i found a can of tuna in our kitchen cabinet. before i forget to use it, i turned it to perkedel. the recipe is from here.

“Disney has just released the six-minute short on YouTube. The beautiful black-and-white film follows a young man in his fruitless attempts to get the attention of a young lady he encounters on the train, and combines hand-drawn animation with CG for a unique and charming visual style. Paperman may be brief, but it manages to evoke more emotion in just a few minutes than most feature length movies do in two hours and it does so barely uttering a single word.” by Andrew Webster

one of my boss is a vegetarian. whenever we have lunch together, he always go to this the same place, walking distance from our office.

i usually ordered sandwich but one day i was tempted with the salad. they have this package 3 salad + bread. and i had tuna pasta, spicy potato and tabbouleh. surprisingly the salad tasted delicious! i was glad i finally had the salad instead of the usual sandwich.

it was my first time to taste tabbouleh and hummus. i like tabbouleh, but not hummus.


my adventure with green tea powder continues. i used the same recipe as the last time, but double the portion. i divided the batter into two and added the green tea powder to one of the batter and put them together before baking.

and here’s the look.

green tea is one of my favorite flavour. and after discovered something called green tea powder, i baked green tea muffin.

everyone loved this. including jingga who’s being picky lately. i’ll make more of this. the recipe is from here.

update news from the back garden:

2 more soursops waiting to be harvested

some rambutan is ready on the tree

endless chilli that keep growing