Monthly Archives: January 2013

there were time when i watch several movies in a week. but it’s the past. now, time for watching movies is such a luxury.

but finally i had time after jingga asleep and the work was not overloaded. i watched 2 movies: argo and separation. i need 2 days to finish each movie. i’ve been wanting to watch them because of the good reviews. accidentally, both movie is set in iran.

just found out a few days ago, there’s another sequel of before sunrise and before sunset. the title is before midnight. after vienna and paris,  they will meet again in greece.

i have have have to watch this. i always watch the sequel not long after it was released and waited for years after. the feeling is different if you watch something you like after waiting that long.


i haven’t finish reading amba. i feel the book is too slow for me. i like the part when they’re not in buru island. but most of the book is set on buru island. i just need to finish the letters on the last few pages. need to drag myself to finish it.

instead, i re-read one of my favorite book, the poisonwood bible. maybe the last time read it was 10 years ago. and the book pages are yellowish now. but i still love the story. stories in places like africa always amazed me.

this cookie from subway is extremly delicious. good thing they have it in big size.

there are times when you call and you call and you call and you don’t get any taxi.

there are times when you think you have done everything correctly and turn out they’re totally wrong.

i had curry puff instead of real lunch. i’m in love with curry puff.

here in singapore they call it liquid paper instead of white out or tip ex. who still use it these days?

it’s not wise to watch news about flight accident when you’re about to depart a flight.

i’m in changi airport now.

i need my sleep.

i really need my sleep.


my mom is here. we spent last weekend at novotel hotel in bogor. having been to bogor often, i didn’t know this hotel exists before. the hotel was awesome. more resort like. and they have so many kids facilities there. the grass lawn is big, with tall old trees. and of course, the kids had fun there.

it was raining when we planned to swim. but the room has a big outdoor bathtub. and all the 5 kids can fit there. busy with jingga, i didn’t take many pictures there. but we really enjoy our stay there. maybe we’ll go back there again one day.

this carrot cake is different. because i let jingga helping me.

everytime i’m doing something, she just wants to be part of it. i hope we can do more and more things together.

found a pineapple in our garden! what a surprise. must be my mom. every time she’s here, she spends a great deal of time in the garden.