Monthly Archives: December 2012

after about 2 years i finally went to cinema again. the movie was life of pi.

when i read the book years ago, i didn’t think it will turned into a movie. too hard. but it did. maybe because i haven’t been to a movie for a long time or just the 3D effect, i felt the movies was awesome. less boring than the book. and i like the images of the zoo at the beginning of the movie.

and this richard parker character is the main thing in the movie. it kept pi alive and so is the movie.

we finally harvested the soursop. there are 3 fruits on the tree but we harvested the first 2. this is the first ever soursop we have from our own garden.

i hope the tree will have more and more fruits in the future.

i modified the rainbow cake recipe and turned it into cupcakes. jingga was so curious about the photo session of the cake. i should include her soon to the cake making process. it’ll be messy but i think we’ll have fun.

on our last trip to bandung, i found these books. the images on the books are super cute. i couldn’t help not to buy them. i didn’t even care about the story.

jingga is still in the stage of destroying books. she tears and draws on them. i think i just keep the books now. i’ll give them to jingga at the time she understand about books.

last week, i took jingga to winter wonderland in pondok indah mall. she needed to wear boots there, but even the smallest boots were too big for jingga.

i found this old little red boots used to belonged to jingga’s cousin. and jingga can fit in them perfectly. and she admired the animal images on them.

another trip to roppan. and i ordered the toast with 3 kind of ice cream. i don’t remember the name of this desert. but i like it! just like in my childhood, eating ice cream with bread.

we went to the giant playground at the paradise dreamland in serpong last week. when we arrived there, the weather was sooo hot. no one played there, even the ticket booth was empty. and the playground was not as huge as i imagined.

we left after playing for a while there.

i’ve done reading lalita. somehow, i didn’t like it so much.

now i’m reading amba. the book got a lot of good reaviews. i have read a first few chapters but the book didn’t pull me back to read more. i’ll keep reading it. i’ll just lot of things to do lately.

our anniversary was last month. i planned to bake a cake but the work was overloaded. after a few days of delays, i finally made the cake! it supposed to be a layer cake with color gradation, but all the 3 layers look the same color :(

we’re finally going to harvest our soursop (sirsak) tree. i found 3 fruits on the tree. still small and not ripe yet but hopefully will grow big later.

the tree was accidentally grow from seed. someone threw the seed on the ground and the tree just grow. we really didn’t take care of it. but i rarely see soursop tree, so i’m excited.

i read from here, it’s originally from america. all this time, i thought this is local tropical fruit.