Monthly Archives: November 2012

inspired from this blog, we went to hidden park last saturday morning. it was fun, the weather was not too warm because it rained the night before. we enjoyed the exhibition.

i hope there are more places like this in jakarta.

finished reading the book thief on the flight to singapore. it was so sad, i almost cried. i think at the meeting i had a weird face, the mixture between almost cry and sleepy.

the next book i read is lalita by ayu utami. i like the cover and i love her last book i read: cerita cinta enrico.

but this one is different from cerita cinta enrico which i think is a sweet book, telling about childhood story of enrico. this one is about mysteri. i only read a couple chapters. but let’s see. i hope i’d like it.

sometimes, a strawberry seller passes our house. this was the reason i made the easiest cake ever.

my baking tray is a bit too big. the result, my cake is too thin. but it still tasted good. i love this cake (but i didn’t share this with jingga, i wasn’t sure she can handle the sour strawberry).

we stayed at the hummingbird. the place was so nice with a restaurant in front and a little kid playground at the back. it’s also walking distance to shops and other restaurants.

it was raining once a while in bandung. the street was lining with big old trees. i wish i can stay longer there.

it was deepavali public holiday in singapore, so i took off to bandung.

the first place we visited was origin. we had been here last january, but the place was so memorable we wanted to visit again. we had our lunch there and the place was still as quite and nice atmosphere.

jingga walked around to see the birds and move around the chairs.

i used to bake scones regularly. then jingga was born and scones were forgotten.

out of the blue, i miss scones. i remember it was easy to made with only a few ingredient i can find at home. and one morning i just made it for breakfast.

i was still living in bali when i read life of pi. even i think some part of the book is desperately boring,  i still categorize the book as one of the memorable one especially because of its unique story.

and finally it’s turned into a movie!

reading time, where have you gone?

except during the weekly traveling, i really have no time for reading anymore. they’re all taken by the work and jingga. work time is mostly really depressing lately but jingga time is fun (except the time when she refuses to eat).

i found cloud atlas book in one of the bookshop in changi airport. i suspected the book is a good one, but i didn’t buy it. i just save it for later and put it in my wish list. i still have the book of thief to be finished and i have lalita by ayu utami untouch at home.

sunflower garden is still one of my favorite spot at changi airport. but somehow, i rarely visit it. maybe because the fact that it’s a smoking area.

but last week, i wanted to take my outfit picture and i needed outdoor light. i walked up to the garden right after i checked in. it felt awesome to be surrounded with sunflowers. the air was terrible because of the smoke but my eyes caught beautiful scenery.

i passed twelve cupcakes often but never realize that this is the famous cupcake.

one day, i had 3 meetings in a row without any break. it ended at almost 5 pm and i haven’t have lunch! i had a sandwich and on my way to the taxi stand, i passed the twelve cupcakes shop. i decided to buy 2 for my dinner. i chose cookies n cream and red velvet. but the box size is for 3 cupcakes and i ended up buying one more, blueberry cheese.

it was delicious. but i like jajanan from bandung better. maybe it’s just my kampung tongue.