Monthly Archives: October 2012

i found out that my hotel is walking distance to singapore botanic garden. i’ve been planning to walk there but i always get back from work after dark. but last week i could got back earlier than usual. i walked to the garden just based on my memory how to get there. i didn’t have map with me and my mobile didn’t have internet connection.

i was lost. it was a long walk for jakarta standard. and i walked uphill. i just used my sense to get back to the hotel. but instead of going back to the hotel, i found the botanical garden! i tried to get nassim gate but i arrived at tanglin gate. it was a very nice garden. much cleaner and neater than the bogor one. i only walked up until the swan lake because it was almost dark. i saw many children playing. it really reminded me of jingga. i miss her a lot. i wish i can take her there one day.

i found some baking dishes with cute colors in ace hardware on discount price on the day i planned to make pastel tutup.

this is my first pastel tutup. the recipe is combination between this and this. i made the mash potatoes too much. the rest was ok but i wish it should be more delicious than this one.

this is the third time for me to bake kabocha cake. still using the same recipe from here.

i used muffin tin this time. just to give a different style of the cake. and i added shredded cheese on the top.




the book of thief is the first book i bought online from outside indonesia. it’s from the book depository and it’s free delivery worldwide! it took a few weeks until the book reach me. i almost think it will never delivered at all.

i only read read the first few chapters, but so far i enjoyed the book. let’s see…

random things happening lately:

grean tea frappuccino. a free one.

found out there was wasabi in my sandwich. my nose felt funny after.

a beautiful defect.

a presentation i didn’t have to do (yay!)

another presentation i have to prepare

expensive hotel with no free wifi

flight during normal time

love and hate relationship with buffet breakfast

daily warm tea

super heavy luggage

a taxi driver told sweet stories about his family

a fantastic office at the countryside

another office in an old preserved building

art deco style design


endless conversation about kids

i wanted their salad

it was the first time for me to be in roppan. they mostly served toast with varieties of topping but we ordered bento sets so jingga can share our lunch. the food was delicious.

they have baby seat and have details that you wish other restaurants have it too like hook by the table to hang your bag. jingga ate a lot and we went home happily.