Monthly Archives: September 2012

preparing ayam ungkep so the people at home don’t starve to death when i left them to singapore.

ayam ungkep is one of the food with delicious smell. i didn’t know before it’s easy to make. not until i have to make it about a year ago.

rumah tanah baru is awesome! the place is in depok, but it feels like we’re in different world. there are traditional joglo houses with big garden in between. and you can find all kind of elements made of ceramics.

we had lunch there. and we were the only one there. people like going to shopping malls better than to this kind of place. jingga was happy to be in a big garden. she can walk around freely and outside. not inside unhealthy room with air condition.

i hope there are more places like this.

ps: one of my friend was proposed by her boyfriend here and another friend had her wedding here. this is just the kind of place for special occasion.

yay! i finally baked again and another kabocha cake was made.

since the kabocha i had was bigger, i made double portion as my previous one. and i had more confidence creating it. it turned out well. and i still have one more kabocha, waiting to be turned into something.

any ideas?

more random things:

i tried salted caramel mocha. it tasted terrible. no drink should be salty. i should just stick with my green tea cappuccino.

garuda has better airplane interior than SQ. But SQ wins in service, airport base and more destinations.

being in singapore, i have excuse to walk more. with the same distance 3 years ago, i got extremly exhausted now. i’m getting old…

i’ve been coughing for over a week now! i rarely get sick and this is bothering me so much.

the reason i haven’t bake anything for so long because i ran out of gas for my oven, but too lazy to bought it.

i haven’t watch test pack. in fact i haven’t been to a movie since jingga was born! zzzzzz…..


i rarely buy any drink from starbucks because i think they’re overpriced. but there are times when my brain was going to explode after a meeting and i wasn’t in the mood of eating anything and i just want to rest while waiting for boarding time at the airport. at that kind of situation i go for green tea frappuccino. and yes, with cream please.

i  don’t remember since when i was obsessed with green tea, but i eat anything with green tea in it: ice cream, drink, cake. just anything. i found the taste is exotic. and some people claimed it’s healthier.

just some random things:

i spend more and more time in singapore and leave jingga more. there’s always this pinch of guilt whenever i have to leave her.

back from vacation i got 3 mountains of dirty laundry, the maid didn’t return and jingga was sick.

i feel the  aircon in singapore is extremly cold. maybe i’m the only one because i see other people are fine with it.

the purple suitcase is one of the best buy. i put documents, laptop and all the heavy stuff in it. it reduces the weight of my tote bag and avoid back pain.

i need to make kabocha cake again. got 2 kabochas at home waiting for me.

jingga had 3 flights from the last vacation. the last 2 flights, she felt asleep.

i’m still reading the night circus. i enjoyed reading the book but i only have time reading it during my weekly trip.