Monthly Archives: July 2012

just read another indonesian book: gadis kretek by ratih kumala. i knew about the book from this blog. and since i love ratih kumala’s previous book, kronik betawi, i decided to read this one too.

the things i admire from her 2 books are the themes are unusual and there’s history involved in the book. i wish more indonesian writers create this kind of books.

i spent a lot of my time traveling but i don’t have my own suitcase. i always borrow from my sister, my late dad or my husband.

a few weeks ago, i visited travel fair (or suitcase fair?) in one of the mall. i was just there to look around. then i foundĀ  a suitcase that i like. with discount price! too bad they don’t have the orange one, but i’m happy with this purple.

this is a cabin bag size. i’m not that patient waiting for suitcase in the baggage claim (it took forever in sukarno hatta). it’s better if i can take my suitcase to the cabin.

this is supposed to be a marble cake. i made up the recipe and didn’t do well when swirling the batter so the pattern didn’t mix well.

i usually don’t read metropop kind of book. but antologi rasa is the third book from ika natassa i read.

the book was a good friend of mine during my last trip to singapore. the trip was a chaos since i got confirmation to go less then a day before. and because of school holiday, i couldn’t get the return ticket. at the end, they put me on business class since no more seat available on that day.

we love bookshops, so we took jingga from one shop to another. this one was taken at times at lippo karawaci. great places, a building full of books. they have toys too, so jingga didn’t get bored.

another food posting.
i’m into baking so much lately. and this is my first pizza. not really the first because when i was a kid, i used to cook together with my late dad for fun. and pizza was one of our favorite food to cook.

jingga refused to eat rice and wanted the pizza instead. yay! i’ll make it again.

the recipe is from here.

finally the book from adhit arrived a few days ago. it took me less than a day to finish it. really funny and entertaining. ghosts never been that hilarious before.

this is my first attempt to bake carrot cake. jingga loves it, i love it and the whole house love it!

i thought the taste gonna be weird as you have vegetable inside a cake :mrgreen: but it’s not. it tastes as normal as other cake. even better!

the recipe is from here.

i’m reading night circus by erin morgenstern.

i’ve been wanting to get the book for a while, but the bookshops only have it in big size (i don’t like big size book, it’s heavy to carry around and take more space for storing). finally last weekend i found the small size version at periplus.

i just started reading for a few chapters during my last singapore trip. the story is interesting. too bad i don’t have that much time to finish the book.

ps: i love the cover!