Monthly Archives: June 2012

last weekend the whole family went to talaga sampireun. we came early when the place was not too crowded and we can have the hut by the lake.

the kids had fun, played in the playground and fed the fishes. we had delicious food and great time.

here’s some of my nieces and nephew by the lake of fishes.

a conversation when i was in singapore

a: have you been in universal studio?
me: no
a: how about marina bay sands?
me: not yet
a: you’re in singapore almost every week and never been to those places?
me: i’m only here just for working

it sounds sad.

haven’t take bokeh, macro or whatever pictures with terms lately. this one was taken at home, on the backyard. the fly was resting on chilli plant.

i’m not creative at all. instead of trying new recipe, i made banana bread again.

i have my excuses: this is easy to make, jingga loves it so much and mom bought so much banana (she always buy something in big portion). at least the baking tray was different shape from my last one (i bought this rectangular one in daiso for only SGD 2!)

got a surprise present: a pouch and a pair of flip flop!

the pouch is orange (love it!) and this is a good time since my old one is already in a bad shape. the flip flop is a bit too tight for my feet, but i still can wear them. i will definitely wear them this weekend. we’re planning to go outdoor.

i’m re-reading supernova akar. it’s almost 10 years ago when i read it for the last time and i forgot the story of it.

i lost my supernova akar after a friend borrowed it but never gave me back. luckily the husband has his copy, which is the same first edition cover as mine. the feeling reading the book now is different, because i’ve been to those places now: thailand, vietnam, cambodia (but not laos).

i’ve been making this cake since i was a teenager. i don’t remember the name of the cake but i know the recipe by heart.

after stop baking for a while, now i’m back. happy cake eating!

since jingga was born, i rarely have my me time. but it’s ok since spending time with jingga is fun too (and get back pain after).

the tea was taken not during my me time. it was work related meeting at papillon duo in pacific place. i didn’t know this place exist. i only knew the one in kemang.

on the way home from the meeting, it was after office hour. and the traffic was at its worst time. when i was still working at the office, the traffic was not as bad as it was. is it getting worst now? or i was just away too long from after office traffic jam and forget about the how was it.

made this biterballen keju for jingga. i didn’t use breadcrumb because jingga doesn’t like it. the food can be eaten as snack or main course, by combining it with other food. i gave the first try for her and she like it!

recipe from here.