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i rarely read non fiction book, so guns, germs and steel is one of the exception. the book is interesting, about history of human and the questions we have been asking.

i just read 1/3 of the book. let’s see how long it will take me to finish the book.

the sofa at home was abused by jingga. you know toddler, they do all kind of activities on it and leave marks. i decided to get a seat cover for the sofa, so the cover can be taken off and washed.

and i want to have face lift for the throw pillows too. i change the cover with colorful batik garut.
look! the happy colors brighten up our living room.

on one of the trip to singapore, i came too early to the airport. i decided to take the earlier flight. i arrived a few hours before the meeting. after browsing what to do while waiting, i went to mint museum of toys. a walking distance from my meeting place.

i thought it would me a big building with outdoor area, but it turned out to be a narrow shop house, almost invisible from the street. most of the collection are toys from the old times. i’m not sure the children nowadays recognize them. some of them reminded me of my childhood.

i changed my mind when i said a visit from the goon squad was not really good. after reading the whole book, i turned to love it!

it’s a collection of short stories that have connection to each other but can be read separately. the theme of the stories is about music industry and around it. i don’t love all of the stories but what i love the most is when the stories tell about the future.

20 years from now when…

no wonder the book won pulitzer prize.




and i finished reading partikel  by dee in a day. i’m not a fast reader and i still had to take care jingga and did my work in between. the book didn’t let me down.

it’s a still as great as the previous supernovas. i love the theme about human and nature. and the mystery part hold me from stop reading the book. and the traveling! moving from bogor to kalimantan to london to african countries and south america.

now i can’t wait for the next one. i hope i don’t have to wait for another 8 years.

ps: i lost my supernova 2: akar. i was still living in bali when a friend borrowed it and i never get it back :(

now reading: guns, germs and steel – jared diamond

i like making waffle better than pancake. i don’t like frying. for waffle, i just have to put it on waffle iron, then it’s done.

i found this recipe which use yoghurt instead of milk for making pancake. this is interesting. both jingga and me love yoghurt. and the look of the pancake is so fluffy. i want fluffy pancake!

the first pancake i fried wasn’t too successful. it turned into weird shape. but the second one was much better. jingga loved it! she wanted to hold the fork and ate it by herself.

got my partikel!
it’s the latest supernova by dee lestari.

it was faster to get it online than the release time in bookshops. i hope the book won’t let me down. i have high hope on it :)

since i started to travel frequently again, here are some random things about the traveling:

indonesian doesn’t have to fill the immigration form anymore. save more paper and faster immigration line! yay!

since years ago, i never take or fill the custom form. i have nothing to declare and the immigration staff never ask about it anyway.

still a mystery for me: the baggage claim in changi is very fast but in CKG airport is extremly slooooow. it takes 30 minutes just to get your suitcases! blah…

comfortable shoes are very important. my foot wounded several times just because i wore the wrong shoes.

most favorite things from the travel: SQ’s hot towel, changi airport foot massage machine, green tea frappuccino with cream on top.

least favorite thing from the travel: away from jingga.

i’ve been wanting to create a garland for jingga’s room. one night, when jingga was already asleep and i’ve done all the work for that day, i began to make the garland. i just used all the things i have at home.

the green pattern paper was bought in tobucil more than a year ago, the pink pattern paper was from jingga’s birthday last month and the orange paper was probably from the wedding day. i used wool thread for the string. and after drawing the letters one by one, it’s finally done.

when i was drawing the letters, i kept thinking why oh why i gave my kid a long spelling name. 6 letters. why not just simple 3 or 4 letters. but hey, longer garland looks better.

i hang the garland by the window. since it’s against the daylight, it’s only can be seen during the night, when we turn on the room’s light.

risoles is one of my favorite snack. but somehow i’m just too lazy to make them. i hate to cook something twice, like for risoles, i have to prepare for the skin first.

i was blogwalking when i found this recipe. the risoles doesn’t need any skin making! i can use plain bread. and the filling is just cheese, smoked beef and mayonnaise (i didn’t add egg, don’t like the smell). and voila, my first ever risoles. not bad at all.