Monthly Archives: March 2012

yesterday i had to stay late in the office because of a meeting. and this is what i captured from the meeting room’s window. beautiful sunset with pink and purple sky.

reading supernova 1 inspired me to make bolu kukus pandan. and i want something steamed after baking all the time. here is the recipe i used.

my bolu turned out not as big and soft as i imagined. i think i should use 4 eggs instead of 3 only. but the taste is not bad at all. jingga tasted it and ate it without any fight.

i finally finished reading the case of exploding mangoes. it took me so long reading the book because i only read it during my travel. at home, i rather spend my time with jingga.

at first, the military stuff in the book book bored me, but i kept reading it. i like the general zia part. the book is about the mysterious flight accident that killed pakistan president zia ul-haq. not a book to be read while flying (and i read the accident part on flight!).

and now i’m re-reading supernova ksatria, putri dan bintang jatuh. i read the book for the first time in 2001 (11 years ago!). i heard the latest supernova, partikel will be published in april. i definitely will get it.

i don’t like banana. but jingga loves banana bread.
since it’s easy to make, last week, i baked one for her. i only got the little banana (is it called pisang susu?) so i used 4 bananas instead of 2. i also used less sugar since i don’t want jingga getting use of eating something too sweet.

the recipe is from here.

since a few weeks ago, my travel to singapore is on weekly basis. just like the old time!

every friday, i took the earliest flight zzzzz then come back on the same day. i used to complain about how tired this kind of travel. but now i don’t want to complain anymore. i want to be grateful. because i still have a job, and the job is so flexible, i can work from home and being closed to jingga most of the time.

just this one day a week, i have to be away from her.


found the roses on the office’s meeting table a few weeks ago. i think it was for valentine’s day.
love the roses!

i thought making cheese cake is too difficult for me, so i always skip making it. but when i saw this recipe, i just realize it isn’t that hard to make. i only used half recipe and didn’t put any topping, because i love the taste of the cheese so much.

when i took the cake out of the oven, it smelled like egg which i hate. but after i kept it in the fridge for a few hours, the egg smell disappeared and replaced by the smell of lemon which i love.

i think my baking tray is too big, resulting a too thin layer of cheese.

and voila! my first cheese cake :)

ps: jingga loves it too!