Monthly Archives: February 2012

i was in singapore when i had my birthday. i received some birthday wishes in the morning but then the day was full day meeting so i forgot about the birthday.

but i got some surprises when i arrived at home after midnight :)

a few weeks ago, my 5 years old niece, alya told me that she helped making klepon. i love klepon. if alya can make it, how hard it would be?

I found the recipe and yes, it’s easy to make. i didn’t use kapur sirih because i couldn’t find it. and the result: i think i need to put more sugar and my klepon is not green enough.

jingga is one year old now. a little toddler. not a baby anymore.

a few days ago, we took her for her 1 year check up. she cried after the vaccination shots. but then the cry stop after i hugged her and showed her the picture of animals on the wallpaper.

she has been healthy for the whole year. she has never been sick that i need to give her any medicine. she’s a happy toddler but cry every time i have to go and leave her at home.

keep happy and healthy, jingga.

jingga had her first birthday last weekend. we didn’t have any party. just her cousins came and played with her.

i made some chocolate cupcake decorate with orange icing. i have made the exactly the same cupcake on alya’s birthday months ago, but when i made jingga’s cupcakes, it didn’t turn out well. the cakes grew too big (probably too much baking powder). but looked a bit better after i decorate them.

i really have no idea the difference of ingredent between apple pie and apfel strudel. maybe just the shape is different.

i made my version of apfel strudel.

last weekend we took jingga to ancol to introduce her to the feel of the ocean. we ended up at le bridge area. a place where a very long wooden bridge with ocean on both sides of the bridge. there were some fishermen selling their catch. it was in the morning so even the sun was already too warm, the air was still fresh.

jingga started walking since a few weeks ago. since then, she needs hard sole shoes. here are her shoes.

converse & rainbow next shoes: from garage sale
pink crocs: hand me down from jingga’s cousin
red shoes: bought in bandung

i had some leftover apples and was going to make more apple pie.

but another apple pie idea bored me. i want something new. then i found this apple muffins recipes. it’s written for 12 muffins but somehow i only could make 7 muffins from the recipe. but it’s ok, because it turns out great. not too sweet as i like it.

a friend told me about origin a few years ago. a restaurant with very nice atmosphere. on the last day in bandung, we visited the place. it was just looked like an old colonial house from the out side, but when you get in, there are a few rooms serve as shop in front and at the back is the restaurant with glass roof.

it was great place. we love it. we didn’t expect anything with the food, but it turned out to be really delicious. they have baby chair (important for me now :mrgreen: ) and the there a few birdcages so you can hear their tweet as natural background music.