Monthly Archives: January 2012

one shop i always visit when i’m in bandung is flashy. there are always something interesting there with affordable prices. i love their bags, wallets and pouches.

and these are what i bought.

i haven’t been to bandung for almost 2 years. it’s just too long. bandung is home. bandung is the city where i grew up, so i miss visiting it so much.

at the beginning of the week we visited the city for 3 days trip. this is the first time for jingga to be in bandung. she was happy, she was all smile, being in a new place.

it was raining when we arrived in bandung. and yes, it was cold. i thought it was aircon. but it was bandung’s natural cold. i almost forgot about the cold fresh bandung’s air.

we had great time there. good food. shopping. we even passed my childhood house. after 3 days, we returned to jakarta. we will definitely visit bandung again and again.

i’m back to my reading habit. still don’t have as much time as before i have jingga, but everytime i travel (i always travel alone for bussiness trip), books are always be my bestfriend.

the book i’m reading now is the tiger’s wife. well, it doesn’t really pull me to get back to reading as strong as the help, but the book is not bad at all.

i still have left over pie crust from my last apple pie baking. i was going to make chicken pie but too lazy to find the recipe. and after my last apple pie, i keep imagining the taste of it.

and finally, i made smaller piece of apple pie.

just back from another bussiness trip to singapore. it’s officially once a month trip (better than once a week). when usually i only stay for one day, this time i have to stayed for 3 days. it’s the longest i’ve ever been away from jingga!

another baking time! the cheese bliss is for jingga’s snack. it tastes sooo good that i want to have some too. surprisingly it’s extremly easy to make with very simple ingredient. here is the recipe.

you also can buy cheese bliss at mamma kanin.

“What makes us the most normal,” said Reiko, “is knowing that we’re not normal.”
– Norwegian Wood – Haruki Murakami

norwegian wood, one of my favorite novel by haruki murakami is turned into a movie! i’m sooo going to watch it.

lately, i baked almost every a few days. and my last one is baked rice. actually this is for jingga, but of course it’s too much for her, so i help her finishing the meal :mrgreen:

the recipe is from here. i don’t have cream at home, so i replaced it with milk.

almost everyday, a strawberry seller passes in front of our house. i sometimes buy the strawberry and eat it just like that. then i found the recipe of the easiest cake ever. i can use the strawberry for it! i used olive oil instead of canola oil because i didn’t have canola oil at home.

and voila, the cake is now ready…

a few years ago, i made some paper monsters to be stuck on my bedroom’s window. they’re all gone now.

i miss those monsters, i want jingga to know them, so i made them again, but this time are for the window in jingga’s bedroom. the monsters are a bit different because they’re orange, to match with jingga’s name. they’re ready to cheer up our day.

i started working from home since jingga was born. at the beginning i borrowed an old laptop from the office for working. and every time i need to print something, i have to run to the nearest snappy.

after a while, i can afford to buy things i need for my work, a laptop, a scanner and a printer. i have a little corner in the room for working. jingga has to stay away from here since she will make a mess on everything :mrgreen:

now i need to decorate the corner :)

made the siomay ayam for jingga. just realized that siomay is easy to make after checking the recipe here.

i think i’ll steal some of the siomay for me :D