Monthly Archives: December 2011

on the way back from visiting my brother’s new house, we stopped at moje. i read about the place from this blog.

i fell in love with the place just by looking at the building. a low building made of timber. inside, all kind of furniture and home accessories caught my attention. too bad jingga was too sleepy and she was not in a good mood, so we couldn’t stay long there. but we got a green dino doll for her.

my niece, raia, is having her 2nd birthday.
i made some cookies and wrote her name on them. i also wrote the other kids’ name. the last time i made cookies with icing was a looooong time ago. and this is fun. but i made too much icing. i don’t know what to do with the left over…

it has been a while since i read books for pleasure. whenever i have free time, i would spend it with jingga.

but now, i started traveling back and forth to singapore again. i have some free time while waiting for the flight. i just got the help, the book i’ve been wanting to read since a long time ago. i’ve read about 1/3 of the book and so far enjoying it.

any other recommendation for good books to read?