Monthly Archives: November 2011

the first time i found about my tulisan was months ago. i instantly fell in love with it. i love the name, and i love the design. the design is simple but the pattern is unique and bring happiness.


whenever i have meeting with new people, they give me name cards. first, I put them in my purse, then my purse got fat. then i put them in my pencil pouch and it became messy.

a few days ago, i found this name card pouch. and they’re in batik. don’t you think they’re lovely?

we put an ipod dock in jingga’s bedroom so we can play some children songs, lullabies, etc. one day, when jingga was exploring the room, she pulled the ipod with full power and broke the dock.

we want to get a new dock (but this time we’ll place it out of her reach) but we couldn’t find anything we like. not until i saw this ozaki mini ipod dock in orange. i instantly fell in love with it. but i’m not sure they have it here in indonesia…