Monthly Archives: August 2011

i’m reading shopaholic & baby.

i know this is an old book but this is just the perfect time to read it, while having jingga as a baby :mrgreen: i have read some other sophie kinsela books and they’re all light & entertaining. i love reading it while jingga is sleeping next to me.

jingga second food is kabocha (a kind of pumpkin). she wasn’t as excited as when she ate avocadoes but she finished the whole jar.

i put the reminder inside some baby cubes and frozed them.

jingga is 6 months old now.

yesterday, she got her first food. it was avocadoes. at first she looked a bit confused but then she loved the food and asked for more!

we had buka puasa bersama at home last weekend. it was a blast. especially with children running around and messed up the house. but we were happy.

inside jingga’s diaper bag.

the bag: skip hop duo diaper bag

sleepy wrap in green
t-shirt and pants
wet tissue
disposable diapers
hand sanitizer
baby oil
diaper creme
medical record book
nursing apron