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and yes, it really bloom yesterday. a pink waterlily.
only a little flower, but a big smile on my face.

i remember my trip to cambodia a few years ago. water lilies are everywhere there. even on the side of the road. but the most famous one of course the waterlilies on the pond by angkor wat.

for about 2 years, my water lily never bloom anymore. but a few days ago, out of the blue, i saw the sign of flower. i hope it will really bloom and not only this once.

since a few days ago, i can’t comment on my own blog. and probaby other people can’t either.

it has nothing to do with the new layout because i have the comment problem before i change my layout.

anyone can help?
e-mail me:

i hesitated to buy madre because i couldn’t enjoy filosofi kopi & rectoverso. but i love other books from dee. especially the supernova series.

i asked ninit about madre and she told me the book is really good. she even sent me a copy *thank you*.

there are several stories in the book. i skipped some of them :mrgreen: but the story about madre is the most interesting one. especially because i just made some bread a few weeks ago.


today is my niece’s birthday. i have no idea what to give her as present. i decided to make some cupcakes to cheer her up. i also invited her to come to our house to decorate the cupcakes together.

here are the cupcakes. they’re chocolate with pink and light green icing. since i couldn’t leave jingga often, i made the flags using stickers and papers i found at home.

one of the most useful item i bought is the envirosax bag. i got it in singapore a few years ago and up until now i still carry the bag everywhere. whenever i went shopping, i use the bag instead of using plastic bag from the shops.

now, i have jingga. and i want to buy her an envirosax bag too. i love these 3 bags. but i only need one. which one should i get?

maybe the robot one :mrgreen:

because i wanted to take jingga to places other than shopping malls, we went to taman menteng last sunday morning. the place was nice and it wasn’t as crowded as i expected.

but after a while, we really didn’t know what to do there. we got bored and went home.

is there any other baby friendly places (not shopping malls) i can visit in jakarta?

i was in supermarket with jingga, looking for cupcake’s icing ingredient when she cried. i left the supermarket without any cream cheese or whipping cream.

then i found about this super easy icing recipe. all i need is butter, icing sugar and milk. i have them all at home!

i made the chocolate cupcake the day before using this recipe and it took me less than 30 min to make the icing.

voila! my first cupcake with icing

“Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.”

– Elizabeth Stone

i bought myself a set of decorating tip. i’m not sure i’m going to use them anytime  soon, but i just want to be ready when i have the time to decorate cupcakes :mrgreen:

anyone know how to make a good & easy icing for cupcakes?

i made a mess by cooking the cinnamon rolls. they looks are terrible. a few years ago, i made cinammon rolls and they turned out well.

next time should be better…