Monthly Archives: June 2011

i always want to have my own chilli plant. but everytime i spreaded the seeds, they failed to grow.

a few months ago, when mom was here, she accidentally planted these chillis. and look at now, they grow and ready to be harvested.

a few days ago, we just realized that jingga can fit her pre walker shoes!
so tiny compare to ours.

here’s 3 pairs of us :) :) :)

i just realized i only can bake during the weekends. it’s the time when the husband is around so he can help me taking care of jingga while i’m playing in the kitchen.

here’s my old time favorite, cappuccino muffin. i think i have posted about this muffin several times.

new addition to jingga’s room: another wall sticker.

we placed this one above the bedhead, on the purple wall. unlike the previous wall stickers, jingga seems to ignore it. maybe she just doesn’t understand it yet. maybe in a few months, she’ll love it.

blame it on pregnancy, i stopped baking for about a year.

i was just simply too tired. after the office, i just came home and hit the pillow. then i woke up at 5 in the morning to cook for our lunch boxes, so baking was just out of my list.

after jingga was born, life was even busier than i’ve ever experienced. being a new mom with lots of clueless things about baby really takes time.

jingga is 4 months old today. taking care of her is not as complicated as when she was newborn. since a few days ago, i started baking again. here’s cupcakes. too bad i didn’t have the ingredient for the icing, so the cupcakes remained without icing.

just finish reading catatan mahasiswa gila by adhitya mulya. i’ve read some of the stories in his blog, but they still made me laugh. and the ending, it’s my favorite part. after reading all the way, the ending really touch my heart.

visit here to get the book with the author’s autograph.

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