Monthly Archives: May 2011

i didn’t eat any raw food during the pregnancy. including sushi.
after jingga is old enough to be taken out, we took her to eat sushi. i mean she didn’t eat the sushi, she just came with us.
we ordered sushi like there’s no tomorrow. and yes, it still tasted as delicious as i can remember.

jingga in her elephant cloth diapers. it’s cluebebe, my favorite cloth diaper brand so far. it fits nicely on jingga.

during the pregnancy i bought several imported and local cloth diapers. but this local brand is better that some of the expensive imported ones.

let’s support good local products.

it has been a while since a write anything about books. my interest in reading has been decreasing. i don’t read books as much as before. during the maternity leave, i managed reading these 2 books: ranah 3 warna & padang bulan. yes, finally indonesian books.

actually i’m still reading padang bulan, and i love it. since maryamah karpov, andrea hirata’s writing becoming more into fantasy. i like the way he uses words and the story is unpredictable. and still it’s almost impossible not to cry reading some parts of the book .

and i kind of disappointed with ranah 3 warna. the story is just too ordinary. you know the ending by just reading it.

i didn’t have a specific design for jingga’s room. i just use the room and the furnitures which is already there. the only new thing i added before she was born was painting the wall into purple and added a wall sticker.

but hey, i found some orange inspired room from here.

received a present from atta from her last trip to berlin.
thank you atta, we love it! i will put the lamp in jingga’s room.
and the bookmark from austria (one of my home ). you know i really need it for reading the unfinished books.

thanks again :)

since i’m working from home now. i need to carry my laptop around for meetings, going to the office and traveling.

i think i deserve the bag.


one of the meal i had at KMC when giving birth to jingga last february.
the cat’s face was made of mash potatoes.

i’m not a kid but having this kind of meal really cheer me up :)

my happiness’s list goes on…

jingga’s gum smile
design & craft blogs
driving through traffic jam free roads
magnum classic
the smell of rain
enough sleep
clean bedsheet
indomie goreng
nu green tea less sugar
good book & movie
spending time in bali
my home made muffins

do you have more?