Monthly Archives: March 2011

let me tell you a little secret, having a baby is extremly tired.

you got lack of sleep, you become a pro in changing diaper, you spend the whole day breastfeeding, your ears get used to the sound of cry and scream and stepping out of the house is almost only a dream.

strange, nobody ever told me about this before…

but after a few weeks, my body get used to it.  i sleep only a few hours but i don’t feel that sleepy anymore during the day. and babies grow fast. i took her out a few times and it turned out to be ok.

oh by the way, jingga is 40 days old today

i found out about sheila d a few years ago and fell in love with their products. up until now, i have 3 or 4 of their tote bags, pouches, etc.

surprisingly, yesterday my blog got a comment from sheila d, informing about their new product: reversible batik bean tote. don’t you love the batik pattern of the bags?