Monthly Archives: January 2011

travelers’ tale will be re-republished with a new cover.
please help us selecting the new cover. which one do you like the best?

we plant a new flower at home and it’s orange (like the heliconia we already have). i love the combination between our gray house and the orange flower! they are placed inside the planter box on the side of the carport.

but i forgot to ask the name of this plant. so, does anyone know?

(the photo was taken at the nursery at ragunan)

i was browsing an album when i saw this picture

me: hey, they look like us
hubby: they’re US!

i’ve been pregnant for so long, i almost forget how i look like before. i almost can’t believe those clothes could fit me :mrgreen:

the picture was taken in front of the door of  elevator in our hotel in hongkong last april. i remembered the elevator’s button was broken and we waited and waited but the elevator didn’t come.