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small outdoor wedding. manado. ciumbuleuit. moving from the apartment. birthday in macau old town. delay in hongkong airport for 12 hours. stay overnight in changi. two red lines. new adventour with big tummy. bali surprise trip. getting big and bigger.

happy 1st wedding anniversary

nov 29, 2009 – nov 29, 2010

i used to think indonesian food are generally so hard to cook. but after i gave a try a few times, it isn’t that complicated. some of them are so easy i can just cook them before going to the office. it’s even better because the ingredient are easy to find and cheap.

a few days ago, i got this book and there are so many simple recipes in there. here are 3 of them that i have tried.

i’m watching project runway season 8 & 7. i know it’s a few months late for season 7, but i didn’t realize it’s twice a year.

after finishing season 8, i started watching season 7 today. one thing really attracted my attention, i love the color of the girl’s apartment in atlas new york. the rooms have combination of lime and grey, designed by katherine abiad de luca. i ‘m not sure if the colors will be stressful or calming instead.

too bad i just painted the house a few months ago, i still have to wait until i can try those colors.

anyone love to watch project runway too?

images taken from here.