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i was blogwalking around some design blogs, when i stumbled into the photo of a stair from decor8′s trip to marrakesh. and of course, i instantly fell in love the the painting on the risers of the stair. each have different pattern and they’re hand painted!

i have a similar stair at home and inspired to paint the risers too. but still too afraid that it won’t look as gorgeous as the one in the photo.

after months of waiting, i finally got the girl who played with fire as a present *thanks*. it’s the sequel of the girl with dragon tattoo. i love the first book and couldn’t wait to read the sequel.

i think the books is still as good as the first one. it’s worth the waiting. now i want the third book: the girl who kicked the hornets’ nest. anyone has read this one?

now reading: the world according to bertie by alexander mccall smith

i ordered some crochet flowers and finally they were arrived.

they’re as good as i imagine, the shape and the colors. i’m still not sure what i can use them for. but i can stick them to cardigans, bags, or anything as decoration.

and as a surprise, i got a pair of baby shoes! they’re the first present for the unborn baby.

thank you…

this is what i got from my last trip to bali: a window mirror!

i was going to buy a mosaic mirror in tegalalang, ubud, but couldn’t find the color i like. when we passed desa mas (still in ubud) i found a shop selling all kind of window mirrors.

actually i had been to that shop years ago, when i was still living in bali. but at that time i got a bigger mirror with carving. then i hate the carving because it collected dust. i hope this one will be easier to clean.

ps: thanks to hubby for carrying the heavy mirror all the way to jakarta

i love gina’s dua mata saya. i keep visiting the blog again and again. when i found out she released her clothing line, i was excited.

the name is widgi. only 3 designs at the moment. but i hope she will have more. the problem is, for the people who doesn’t have facebook account like me, how to order?

nasi ayam kadewatan ibu mangku in kadewatan, ubud never fails to make me come back again and again. the portion is generous, cheap, delicious and we had one of the best lemon juice we ever tried.

to get there from ubud main road, go west until you find intersection at the end of the main road then turn right. the warung is not far from the intersection, on the right hand side. there are several nasi ayam kadewatan warung but ibu mangku is the original one.

i heard they have branch now in seminyak area, somewhere across bora-bora villa not far from seminyak square. but i’ve never been there.

update: a friend told me they also have another branch in denpasar. in renon area.

i thought during my pregnancy, travel will be cross out of my life. but i was wrong. i had this bussiness trip i couldn’t get away from. and suddenly, i was in bali a few days ago.

bali is like a home for me. it always calls me back. and there’s an excited feeling everytime i come back.

i haven’t been to bali for more than 2 years. i was surprised to see the big changes along seminyak and sunset road area. less rice fields and more stylish building now. and the traffic jam! it’s more and more like jakarta.

everytime i visit bali, i accidentally bump into someone i know.

there was ubud writers and readers festival in ubud. but i only passed the venue on a rainy day.

Many years later, as he faced the firing squad, Colonel Aureliano Buendía was to remember that distant afternoon when his father took him to discover ice.

i read the book years ago, but i knew i was going to like the book after reading the first line of it.

it’s someone who live in the tropic and never seen ice all his life.

from ethiopia (cutting for stone) i moved to shanghai & los angeles by reading shanghai girl. it’s the second book from lisa see that i read. the first one was snow flower and the secret fan.

the book started in shanghai before the japanese occupation, moved to los angeles and stayed there for 20 years. the book should have its sequel because the story is not done yet.

next reading: the girl who played with fire – stieg larsson

qq & antie had their wedding yesterday in salatiga. months ago, when i heard about the wedding, i planned to come. but  after i found out i was pregnant, it’s just to much for me to travel that far.

but happy wedding for you guys. enjoy the new adventour. it’ll be exciting :)

and check out their wedding blog with some awesome photos.