Monthly Archives: September 2010

i planned to plant more sunflowers, but the everyday rain made me postponed it.

today, when blogwalking, i found perez‘s sunflowers are almost blooming! so happy to see there are still people out there planting my sunflowers :)

i like book that has pages starting with maps. and cutting for stone has it.

this is not a correct book to read while you’re pregnant since it scared me to hell. but i still love it. i haven’t read many book with set in africa and the story of the book mainly set in addis ababa, ethiopia. just hearing the name of addis ababa sounds exotic for me.

other book set in africa i read years ago and still love it: the poisonwood bible by barbara kingsolver.

next book: shanghai girls by lisa see.

i love trying new food, but only few make me fall in love and pull me come back.

last week, after a recommendation from a friend, we stopped by at go! curry at citos. we’re not a curry kind person, but we want to give it a try. the food turned out to be really delicious. we couldn’t stop giving compliments. and a few days after, i still imagining the taste :D

the only inconvinient thing, the price is a bit too expensive for my standard.

i’m 4.5 months pregnant now. probably this is one of the reason i got lazier writing on my blog.

yesterday, i bought ayahbunda magazine september 2010 issues with gentle birth story of dewi lestari and reza gunawan. i felt better after reading the article.

delivering baby is a natural process and should be less scary. they were through the pregnancy and delivering process with only 2 doctor visit and almost no medication. and they did it at home without any other people’s help. of course they had some consultation with a midwife who had done the process before. but at the end the midwife didn’t make it and they did the whole process themseves.

when i saw the pillow in purl bee, i couldn’t take my eyes on it. then i learned the name of the embroidery technique is sashiko.

on the pillow, i love the changes of colors on the geometry and the limeĀ  green fabric as the background.