Monthly Archives: August 2010

this morning, i met the cat,  starring at us from the front terrace. the black spot on her face looks like a mask, so we named her ‘kucing bertopeng’.

probably she’s the same cat as this one.

we had buka puasa bersama at the office yesterday. i worked in a small office and we almost have no activity outside the office’s work, so it was fun to have this kind of thing once a while.

it’s a bit unusual but there was a tumpeng. i love tumpeng, more than a cake. the taste of nasi kuning is so special, no wonder it serves usually for special occassion only.

because this guy failed planting his first batch of sunflower, i sent him more seeds.

a few days ago, i got the picture of it.
good luck, i hope they keep growing. yes, sunflowers love lots of direct sun.

i know, i don’t update my blog as often as before. but thanks for those who keep coming back here.

i finished reading the zookeeper’s wife a few weeks ago (yes, it has been weeks, but too lazy to write it here).

before i read the book, i didn’t know that it’s a non-fiction. just because i don’t usually read review of books before i read the book :mrgreen: but the book was ok. it didn’t hurt me as much as the midnight children.

the set was in warsaw, poland during the german occupation in world war II. i’ve been reading too much desperate book about the nazi thing. i think i should get more interesting book with set in other part of the world.

my next reading: cutting for stone by abraham verghese

i was browsing through etsy when i was bumped into the photo of the dish set.  our family has exactly the same set, bought my dad when he was still studying in england more than 3o years ago as wedding gift for my mom.

our family moved a lot, so we don’t have many old things that we keep. but the dish set is still there in our kitchen cabinet until now. it’s older than me. and one of memorable thing we still have from dad.

image source:  staffordshire baccus dish set made in england

had dinner at kedai kak ani in kemang last night. not my kind of food but i love the interior. it’s simple green with white exposed wall.  made me want to stay longer after the meal. and there’s a bell on each table to call the waiters.

visited bukan bazaar last weekend. i always love craft market. the place where you can find unique stuffs with the price doesn’t make you cry. it was a small bazaar. i wish it was bigger with more things to sell. i love looking at each booth one by one. if i didn’t see the bored look in hubby’s face, i want to spend the whole day there! :mrgreen:

since i’m a bag freak, i bought a bag from sheila d and some stuff from kamar. i have an excuse buying another bag, because i can use it for my lunch boxes. too bad i didn’t take any pictures there.

after the fun shopping, we had lunch at koko bogana. i didn’t know this place exist before! it’s a place where you can have all kind of traditional rice cuisine. i’ve never heard some of the cuisine’s name. they presented the meal wrapped in banana leaf. love it! and to make the situation better, all the prices of are below rp 20.000.