Monthly Archives: July 2010

my blog was featured in amica juni 2010 as one of the travel blog *thanks to wiwin *.

ironically, i don’t travel as often as last year or 2 years ago anymore. and after my hongkong-macau trip i didn’t go anywhere worth writing.

of course i miss those times when airport was my second home, when i have to go places i’ve never been and meet new people (it was a tired life). but life turn out differently now. and i enjoy it so far.

yesterday, a package from papua from this guy arrived.
inside the package, i found a jar he painted himself with papua’s batik pattern. along with the jar there are some dried flowers from wamena.

love it! thanks a bunch

i can’t believe i’m saying this, but after all the months and a few breaks, i finally finish reading midnight’s children.

this is a hard book to read for me. i can’t stand to read it too long. i was going to give up, but since the story is too good, i decided to keep on reading.

after this one, i’m not sure i’ll read other books from salman rushdie if they’re as hard as this one :mrgreen:

next book:
the zookeeper’s wife
by diane ackerman

remember the windmills origami on my bedroom wall? unfortunately some cracks were found on the green wall and it has be fixed. during the process, the windmills were taken out.

i think i need some face lift for the room. i love the green wall, so i think i’ll keep the color. but for the windmills, i probably will replace them with some dragonflies like in the photo here.

i hope it’ll turn out awesome!
i’ll update how the room really turn out :)