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i used to claim myself as a movie freak. but look at me now, so left behind with the movie world. the last time i went to the movie was to watch alice in wonderland and i can’t remember when did the last time i buy any dvd.

last week, i watched cin(T)a. actually i had seen the trailer about a year ago, but since it’s a festival movie, i had a hard time finding the movie.

“Kenapa Allah nyiaptain kita beda-beda. Kalau Allah ingin disembah dengan satu cara?”
“Makanya Allah ciptain cinta. Biar yang beda-beda bisa nyatu.”

we rarely drink coffee.  last week, i found a box of delicious smell coffee almost untouched in our kitchen cabinet.  i didn’t want to let it to get wasted, so i searched what to do with it.

then i found cappuccino muffin recipe. making muffin never fail to cheer me up. it’s easy and the  ingredient can be found in the neighborhood warung.

less than an hour, it was ready.

people changes, including me.

no one (including me) would ever think that i would cook almost everyday. yes, i bring lunch from home almost everyday now.

i have to wake up early in the morning to do some (easy) cooking, but i don’t mind. i love doing it. i explore recipes and try new things. of course it doesn’t always turn out well.  sometimes they’re just too poisonous to be eaten. but i learn a lot.

then i realized. i save a lot of money by bringing my own lunch. maybe i can do more travel by keep doing this :mrgreen:

here is the new lunch bag i got from hubby.  it has some vintage drawing with some thai letters on it.

my new favorite for breakfast: oatmeal waffle.
i secretly blame it for the good result of my medical check up .

recipe from here.

yesterday, a sunflower photo from sita in bogor landed in my e-mail. hers is special because a ladybug decided to visit the plant and captured by the camera.

thanks for the photo .

the dry season is coming & the sunshine is getting stronger.

my last sunflower was weak and small. and now, i’m trying to plant them again during the dry season. it has been a few days now. and they look stronger.

wish me luck! ;)

i was smitten with macau, i think the place deserves a separate blog post.

we arrived from hongkong to macau by turbojet ferry. it took about 1 hour.

indonesians don’t need visa to get to hongkong or macau. i think most nationality don’t need visa either.

to get to the old town, take bus no 3A from the ferry terminal. check the direction before get on to the bus.

to get to the venetian, just simply hop on their free shuttle bus. you can find them in ferry terminal.

macau is small. one day is enough to explore it all.

macau has 2 faces:
- the lovely old town, with antique mosaic tiles and colorful flowers
- the bombastic casino area with ultra modern buildings. they’re mostly on taipa island.

everything in macau is cheaper compared to hongkong

don’t leave macau before taste the famous egg tart

it’s harder to find people who can speak english in macau compared to hongkong

besides  senado square, the other must visit is the ruin of st. paul cathedral. it’s one of the UNESCO heritage.

i love seeing things in portuguese. i found the language is exotic.

when walking exploring macau, we were lost. but ended up in a beautiful area near bibliotheque de s. jose.

our photos in macau.

we went to charlie brown cafe on our last trip to hongkong.

i don’t really read their comic strip, but when i was kid, i had charlie brown bed sheet :mrgreen: and i grew up with it.

the cafe can be found in several places in hongkong. but the one we visited was in tsim sha tsui area.

it was located in the 2nd floor of a building and inside everything is in charlie brown & friends theme. including the food.

here is one example a tiramisu with charlie brown’s face on it.

i bought the piano teacher by janice y. k. lee in hongkong just because i need something to read during the long flight.

i got it in the bookshop in the peak. when i read the back cover of the book and it says something about set in hongkong, i felt like i had to buy the book.

the book was read during the flight back home and it didn’t disappointed me at all . but i regretted didn’t buy any book in macau. everything is cheaper there compare to hongkong.

now i have to go back to midnight children. a hard book. i’m not sure i’ll ever finish it :(

one of the reason i decided to go back to the blogging world because i promised people to show their sunflowers in my blog.

during the break, 2 people sent the photos of their bloom sunflowers.

from mbak hani in lombok

from meymey in bandung.

dry season is coming and i think it’s better time to plant sunflowers. the sun will do good to your plants.

send me more more more of  your sunflowers pictures 

to get to hongkong, we booked viva macau. but the airline stopped flying a few weeks before our departure date! we switched plan and took jetstar & air asia instead.

hongkong was COLD! we checked the weather before we got there, but still it was colder than we imagined.

we spent one night in macau. i love macau! the old town is lovely. the feeling is very european. it remainded me of spain, maybe it’s more like portugal but i’ve never been to portugal.

all signages in macau are in chinese and portuguese.

we visited the venetian. it wasn’t too interesting for me.

you can use hongkong $ in macau with the same rate.

our hotels were booked via agoda.

on one cold day, we climbed up to victoria’s peak to see hongkong from an altitude. it was even colder up there! it was weekend and the tram to get up there was over crowded. we didn’t get the sunset. but the view was still breathtaking.

causeway bay on sunday was full of indonesian.

our flight to get home was delayed for 12 hours!