Monthly Archives: February 2010

disney kisses

snow white, the little mermaid, cinderella, alladin, pocahontas, hercules, mulan, tarzan.

i can’t guess what movie on the top right and second from the top right? sleeping beauty?

from got salt?

after stealing a table runner and a vase from the husband’s apartment. here’s the new look in our living room’s coffee table.

i got the heliconias from the garden. but one day, they will be
replaced with sunflowers. just wait until the success of the sunflower
project ;)

i got sarah’s key as a present from this guy, via atta who brought the book to jakarta.

it was months ago. i kept it in my bookshelf and not until a few days ago i started reading it.i thought the book will be another story about the jews during the world war II. well i was right, but maybe the way it was written or something made me love the book. it took me only a few days until i finished it.

next book: midnight children by salman rushdie

after a few weeks, finally my sunflower shows some sign of bloom.
the plant is literally small and the flower-wannabe is even smaller.

and the plant is so weak. i’m afraid it won’t be able to hold the
bud… probably i need a stick or something to help holding  the

and i still got 2 unknown seedings. i forgot to name the pot, so i have no idea what plant they are.

they’re either coriander, oregano or mint.

how is your sunflower’s growth?


i got a photo of sunflower’s growth from perez.

like mine, his sunflowers are weak. maybe we should plant them during the dry season, when the sunshine is stronger.