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i still have some left over sunflower seeds from our wedding favour.

anyone interested planting them, just e-mail me your address. i can send the seeds as long as you live within indonesia.

my e-mail:

last weekend, we found a treasure, a little green warung in casablanca area called dapur
. they signature dish is sop buntut karamel which i ordered. and it was so yummy that i want to go back
there again.

the food, the venue, the guests and the decoration of the wedding only stay
for a few hours, but the photos stay for years.

we finally received the unedited version of our wedding photos from the
photographers. even i think they should take more photos of the details, i’m in
love with the photos. they did a good job.

see here
for more photos from our wedding.

photos by luminaire.

bunaken is an island, north of sulawesi, but we didn’t visited the island, only the marine park

my last snorkeling trip was probably in krakatau, about 2 years ago, so i was very excited about this one.

it took only 5-10 minutes from our hotel to bunaken marine park by speed boat.

the underwater life in bunaken is well preserved. compare to other places i had been, the people are more strict about the conservation

but derawan is still my favorite underwater life. i met awesome creatures that i don’t find in other places.

there’s an island with a mountain called manado tua. it’s a favorite for sunset silhouette photo. too bad my sunset photo was not too successful .

we wanted to see tarsius, the tiny mammals can only be found in north sulawesi, living on trees. but they live on the other side of the island and we don’t have enough time to visit them.

the trip to manado – bunaken was my first touch with sulawesi land. getting used to short trips to singapore, manado felt so far. on the way to get there, we stopped by at makassar airport. a new look like suvarnabhumi airport.

arriving in manado, i was so excited hearing people speaking in different accent. we got around the city and tondano lake on the first 2 days then we spent the next 2 last days near bunaken. we were full with all the delicious seafood.

some photos from the trip.

the wedding venue was in gudang gambar. i instantly fell in love with the place when i visited it for the first time. i avoided big wedding in gedung because they’re too formal and i just want to invite families and closed friends .

i didn’t know before, preparing a wedding is a stressful experience. thank god, i got helps from family and wedding organizer. the wedding was going well, people love the food, the place, the music and i was glad they had good time
there. some people stayed from the beginning until the end of the wedding, enjoying the atmosphere of it.

surprisingly, many people confessed that they love our wedding songs. they even asked the copy of the songs. they’re the beatles, frank sinatra, lisa ono, etc, selected by my hubby. the main song is ’till there was
by the beatles.

a lot of things happening in my life lately. i got married and now i’m spending my honeymoon in manado.

the wedding was small and simple like i’ve always wanted. it was an outdoor wedding at night with candles everywhere. i knew it’s risky to have an outdoor wedding during rainy season like now. but we were lucky since it wasn’t raining on that day (ok, it was raining a little).

i’ll update more later.