Monthly Archives: November 2009

on idul adha day last year, i was in vietnam. this year i stayed at home with my family. i cooked the killer capcay. this is the second time i made the capcay. the first time was successfully delicious, so i had confindence to present it :mrgreen:

but this time the capcay was just ok. not as yummy as my first attempt. but since there was no other food, they ate it anyway…

recipe of the capcay is from here.

Orang pada kurang paham, kalau Menteng itu nama buah, Bintaro itu nama pohon dan Kebon Jeruk, memang dulu di sana ada hamparan tanaman yang benar-benar jeruk buahnya. Sekarang, pendatang hanya kenal nama-nama itu sebagai kawasan gedongan. Tidak tahu dimana buahnya, tidak kenal dimana pohonnya, karena ditebang habis tanaman-tanamannya.

– kronik betawi – ratih kumala.

just some random things…

last saturday morning i was in plaza senayan, walking along one of its corridor then realized they have installed the christmas decorations! the tiny image of the reflection is me.
i’ve been passing oenpao in kemang too often. but not until last monday night, i tried their cuisine. but not the one in kemang. i had my dinner at the one across pondok indah hospital.

i did it again.
i bought too many strawberries. there’s no way i can finish them all by myself. so today, i mixed them with nutrijell and brought them to the office.

i hope people will like them.