Monthly Archives: October 2009

i’ve never been to any movie premiere. not until last nite. someone took me to the premiere of ruma maida a movie by teddy soeriaatmadja & ayu utami.

the invitation is at 8 pm but not until 9.30 pm the movie started. i
kept wishing the movie won’t be as weird as banyu biru. and it wasn’t.

Weekends are a bit like rainbows; they look good from a distance but disappear when you get up close to them.

– John Shirley

we watched inglourious basterds last weekend. it was one of the best movie this year but i don’t want to watch it more than once. because, like typical tarantino, it has too many blood.

i talked to this guy
(he watched the movie twice) and he told me about some deleted scenes.
there supposed to be madame mimieux, played by maggie cheung, but i
didn’t see her anywhere in the movie.

maybe i can see the scene later in the dvd uncut version, but then i have to watch the movie more than once :(

cikini is not my playground area. i had been there only a few times.
last saturday morning i visited the market on the lower floor of the
stasiun cikini and later had lunch in warung daun.

here are some of the pictures.

have you seen crossing over? it’s really recommended
want to watch cloudy with a chance of meatballs.
finished reading the ‘ensiklopedia’. the lost symbol is not as good as dan brown’s previous books, but still worth to read.
now reading: sea of poppies by amitav ghosh.
my sunflower gardening project is totally failed :( . nothing came out of the ground weeks after i planted the seeds.
is looking forward for another vacation.

after a long proscination, i finally made the magnolia pudding last weekend.

i replaced the banana with mango. i don’t eat banana. some of the ingredients were bought from my last visit to singapore.

i couldn’t find heavy cream anywhere. but after some googlings, i
found that heavy cream can be replace with whipping cream. and it’s
better because whipping cream has less fat.

my pudding didn’t come out that as i expected. a bit too liquid. but after i put it in the freezer, it got better.

i broke my 2 years-old sandals. i remembered i bought them in 2007 in singapore, on my way back from cambodia. since then, they were always a good friend for me especially during the weekend.

but today, in the hospital, walking from the building to my car, all of sudden the sandals were broken . i was going to buy a pair of flip flop but it was raining cats and dogs so i just walked weirdly to my car.

lesson of the day: keep a back up sandals in the car.

positive side: have an excuse to buy a new pair of sandals :mrgreen:

i always love the time after the rain. the gloomy atmosphere, the fresh air, and the water drops.

i took photos of the flowers around the garden. they just look more awesome after the rain.

a few days ago, i spotted a cat in the act. the big clay pot is
actually a little pond with water lily and little fishes. i thought the
cat was going to catch the fishes, but she just used the water in the
pond for drinking.

sorry, not a good quality of photo. i used my camera phone.

i’m trying to import the missing posts little by little. too bad i didn’t back up the september posts, so they’re missing.
still reading the lost symbol.
i was going to buy the book in singapore but only the hardcover version
was avaiable. i’m not too crazy about hardcover books. too heavy to
carry around and can’t fit in my bag.
the new seasons of most serials are starting again. yay!
even there’s no obligation wearing batik in my office, i participate the batik day today.
finished reading negeri 5 menara during the lebaran holiday.

i have the ingredient for magnolia’s banana pudding, but still too lazy to make it.

something is wrong with my blog and some of my recent posts are missing. actually i still have the offline backup (not 100%) but just too lazy to find our how to put them back online.

so, whatever, i will start writing on my blog again…