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they sell the sleepy eyes wall decoration in instagram in wood version and wall sticker version. the dimension of the wood version was too small and i was afraid the wall sticker version will ruin the wall paint. while thinking which one i should get, i suddenly got an idea to just print it on thick paper.

i went to the nearest snappy and printed each eye on A4 size paper. just the size i wanted. and i use masking tape to stick them to the wall, so they won’t damage the wall.

voila! my DIY sleepy eyes for jingga’s room. anyone interested to get the drawing? just email me. i’ll send you for free. here’s my email:

some wrapping we (me & jingga) did for her friends and cousin’s birthday.
i love getting invited to a birthday, shopping and wrapping the present. this wrapping thing became our fun activity together.

having kid in pre school or kindergarten means lotsa birthdays. i love kid’s birthdays. i enjoyed shopping the presents and wrapping them.

here are some presents i tried to wrap with more effort. i used pinterest as my reference. it looks better if the presents are in geometrical shape and smaller size. paper doilies always look beautiful and come to rescue for wrapping decoration.

i heard about finnish baby box a few years ago. but i didn’t have a baby at that time. it didn’t really interest me.

and now i’m having a new baby. collecting baby items before he was born. when i read an article about finish baby box, i remembered how lucky the finnish babies to receive something like that.

all of them are very useful items for newborn. when i had my firstborn, i was almost clueless what to get for the baby. and look at the design! they’re all well designed. and every few years, the content is updated.

according to this article, it helps lower the infant mortality in finland.

jingga has a looooong vacation. and because i’m already too heavy to go around, we spent most of our time at home.

i tried to do some fun at home here and there so we won’t get bored. one of them is making some shapes out of her fruit plate. she doesn’t always finish everything on the plate, but we have fun.

a sheep. a caterpillar. a butterfly. a crab. a jelly fish. and a school of fishes.

i still tries create wrapping with more effort by not just lazily used the pattern wrapping paper. but this is only working with box shaped presents. for the unusual shapes, i just don’t want take risk anymore.

still obsessed with tegel kunci. whenever i met one, i’ll take picture. here some i found lately.

at playhouse, pejaten.

at the entrance of ranch market at lotte shopping avenue

at bale soto, near gunawarman

inspired from pinterest, i tried some new way of wrapping presents. of course i needed more effort to do this compare just wrapping them in some cute pattern wrapping paper.

something i learned after this, these kind of wrapping only good with sqare/rectangular presents. if the shape is random then it looks awkward.


in one month, at least i wrap one present for jingga’s friends or others. i love giving away present and wrapping them. but usually i only use the usual pattern wrapping paper. a traditional way to wrap.

from pinterest, i found more ideas. since i’m a bit lazy, i tried to choose the one with less effort. like this one. simple but cute.

this is kampung deret petogogan.

i used to pass this area on daily basis on my way from this office. sometimes the traffic jam made me stop and i could look around while driving. it was a slum. a terrible one. then the office was moved to other part of jakarta. and i almost never pass this area anymore.

but a few years later, i was surprised. the slum disappeared and turned into this orange-grey row of buildings. it was so beautiful and clean so i had to stop and took picture.

for the first time. i made a dessert table.
it was for my niece’s 8th birthday. i placed the table on our back terrace. since it was ramadhan, everything was set on the late afternoon.

i had more fun of this than the kids!

wall decoration: origami color paper
garland: disney junior magazine
cupcake: minilovebites
jelly: home made

getting older, i don’t buy clothes specially for lebaran. the crowded shopping malls turn me off and buying things for jingga is somehow more fun.

but when jingga is already asleep and i have time to browse online, i sometimes visit those online shops. i love online shops. i can save time with all the traffic jams and the parking trouble.

and now i found some clothes i want for lebaran. it’s something kaftan top or top with embroidery like these. all from zalora.

i’m sooo happy to find tegel kunci uses widely in public spaces. it’s such an eye candy wherever i go. and i can’t stop taking pictures of it.

somehow, it’s often applied on random pattern. but personally i like it in order better.



did you grow up reading tintin? i did.

the drawing style and the characters are really memorable for me. these posters bring back of my childhood with tintin’s adventure. there are probably more of these to come.

i have skipped inacraft for a few years. but this year, i decided to come again.

i knew the traffic and the parking would be suck. since i had plenty of time, i browsed transjakarta map and found out i only need to change bus once to get there. the bus stop is walking distance from my house. this would be  kind of adventure since the last time i took transjakarta bus is more than 4 years ago.

from the bus stop there to the exhibition building was very closed. i took me less than 5 min to walk. and it was a good decision not to drive there since the parking was stuck.

i visited each booth in the exhibition until my legs were tired. but i was happy. i didn’t buy a lot of thing. but it was worth it to visit it again after years.

it was a great wedding, atta. thank you  for inviting us there.

we love the decoration, the food and met friends. it was also so casual and white everywhere. jingga took one of the white balloon home.

i made this bunting for jingga’s birthday cake. it will be something like this. i will order the cake plain then decorate it by myself. since the cake is not ready yet, the bunting stays on the shelf by my desk.

i also made a crown from plastic cup. it’s pretty easy. too bad i couldn’t find any pompom small enough for the crown’s peaks. the tutorial is from here. it’s in portuguese but the images can tell you enough what to do.

for the party in school, the kids will get this origami pin wheel hat.

total i have made about 100 origami pin wheels for this birthday!